Israel: Target Kill Zuhir al-Qaisi (Abu Ibraim), Mahmoud Hanani: Hanani Exchanged for Gilad Shalit

In the last two days, Israel targeted and killed two Palestinians alleged to be planning a major terror attack on Israel. Zuhir al-Qaisi, also known as Abu Ibraim, was the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees, believed to operation under the jurisdiction of Hamas. Hanani was apparently working with him, just months after being released by an Israeli prison in exchange for young IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who was held for more than 5 years in Palestine. Hamas tunneled under the border of Israel and kidnapped Shalit. The same targeted attack took out both al-Qaisi and Hanani.

Haaretz reports that Gaza fired first, but it doesn’t much matter when a targeted attack on an assassin is already in the works:

Earlier Friday, prior to the IDF attack, two mortar bombs were fired into Israeli

Zuhir al-Qaisi (aka Abu Ibraim)


IDF officials, speaking with Army Radio following the mortar attack launched by Gaza militates, called the volley “unprovoked” and indicated that it was not in response to any army operations in the costal enclave.


The Popular Resistance Committees, just like other Gaza groups – headed by Islamic Jihad – exploit the Egyptian chaos in Sinai and the willingness of the Bedouins to carry out attacks based on ideological and religious motives or for money. These terror groups are also trying to prevent a major Cast Lead. Terrorist organizations know that the IDF is preparing such operation and therefore prefer not to provoke Israel directly from the Strip.

Sinai-based attacks grant terror groups another advantage – they estimate that the IDF would not enter Egyptian territory in order to thwart such offensives.

In February, Israel fired on two targets in the Gaza strip aimed to collapse smuggling tunnels into Egypt. If you haven’t see how those tunnels work, see it here.

In a stunningly public admission, as reported by CNSNEWs, Palestinian Foreign Policy Minister said Obama has instructed them to keep a low profile until after his re-election, when he will then put a serious push for Palestinian statehood.

Israel’s Iron Dome system is up and working, but personal injuries and damage to property has occurred from the Gaza rockets pelting southern Israel. The bottom line is, since Israel gave up the Gaza Strip they have been attacked mercilessly by Gaza terrorists. The mainstream media sanctions terrorists like Zuhir al-Qaisi, and gives up thousands of those they have the right to imprison, like Hanani, for the the one sacred life of their own, like Gilad Shalit.

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