Hashim Nzinga New Black Panther Spokesman Arrested: Convicted Felon with Firearm

Hashim Nzinga, a New Black Panther Party (NBPP) member who announced on CNN that the NBPP was offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of George Zimmerman, has been arrested. Convicted felons cannot carry firearms:

Hashim Nzinga

Atlanta Constitution:

According to a DeKalb arrest warrant, Nzinga was in possession of an FN Herstal 5.7 x 28 handgun, which investigators said he pawned at a shop on Rockbridge Road. That alleged transaction would be illegal due to Nzinga’s convictions last month for felony deposit account fraud in Gwinnett County, the DeKalb Sheriff’s Office said.

Nzinga was arrested by members of the fugitive squad at a probation office in Lawrenceville and transported to DeKalb County Jail.

In case it has escaped your attention, the New Black Panther Party members are Muslims. See details on this story under ‘Background and Related’ below.

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