Governors Protest 9 Air Force Cargo Planes for Obama Political Campaign

How much of an advantage do we have to give to a U.S. President in a political campaign? He already has the microphone with the bully pulpit, he has the press, and he has the air craft, even more so now as Obama is pulling 9 more large troop and supply transports from the Air Force pool to cover America and win his job back. A portion or the 9 go into service as early as April. These planes are now hauling troops, equipment and supplies back and forth to war zones. Put this on your To Do List: change the law in favor of taxpayers, on how Presidents campaign, and level the playing field for opponents. 

Eight Gulf Coast governors are protesting, saying the specific air craft being pulled are used for post-hurricane evacuations and supply transport and no matter what they are doing on a given day, can be available for emergencies in a matter of hours. Can’t see Obama canceling an event to help in a disaster.

Texas’ two senators and all 32 congressional members sent a letter last month to Air Force Secretary Michael Donley, saying that moving the aircraft would result in unnecessary costs to taxpayers — $80 million for military construction and about $20 million in training costs…

“We asked questions about their plan, and they can’t provide reasonable explanations as to why they made their decisions,” Granger told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “That makes me angry.”

Five C-130s and four C-17s will shuttle Obama’s paraphanalia through our skies using literally tons of fossil fuels to do so, and we have to pay for it, as we have for past presidents but never to the level of Obama’s treks.

In the months before November, the president is expected to fly into multiple cities per week, and speak at multiple sites per day. On Mar. 8, for example, the president will fly to Richmond, and then drive over to a Rolls-Royce aircraft-parts factory. That evening, he’ll fly down to Houston, Texas.

His wife, Vice President Joe Biden and many of his cabinet secretaries are using the Air Force’s fleet of VIP aircraft to visit more states as the election season speeds up.

The nine cargo aircraft will begin operations in April, said Maj. Michelle Lai, communications officer for the Air Force’s 89th Airlift Wing. “They’ll stand down in November 2012,” she said.

The Air Force allocated extra aircraft to support President George W. Bush when he was running for re-election in 2004, she added.

Before anyone tells me G.W. Bush did the same, remember that Obama has already had more fundraisers than Bush had in his entire 8 years in office.

From Michelle Obama’s mind boggling travel, and from Pelosi’s in her power period, we learned they do pay a small pittance, and pull some tricks, like listing their children, including the Obama girls, as Senior advisers. Something is very wrong about our system. Insert any one of our Presidents into the Oval Office. It doesn’t matter who. We should not be funding their political campaigns. It makes every American part of a huge Union. We have to support the political philosophy whether the current president is our choice or not. We are forced to contribute. Sitting Presidents should not be allowed to combine their “work” and their campaigning.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Why does he need 9 planes? He should be given 2 and told that he has to pay for more.

  • Obama is a usurper and should not get any planes unless he pays for them. Hell Michelle spent 1 million 400 thousand plus on a Hawaii vacation. One can only hope one of the planes that carry the POTUS drops out of the sky to land in never never land. Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord. . .

    Obama has so many CZARS and MFBrother-HOODS he needs at least 9 maybe 10???
    Ole wicked witch Pelosi, when she isn’t riding her broom, plus her & Obama’s pay pal, petered out ole Soros are probably screwing around on one of them. GEEEZ GROSS me out too much information.