George Zimmerman Defense: Legal Gun Defense Gives $10000

The National Association for Legal Gun Defense, a group of Texas attorneys, have offered a$10,000 donation to the defense of George Zimmerman, the Sanford, Florida man who’s life is in jeopardy with a New Black Panther Party bounty on his head.

George Zimmerman

The group represents gun owners involved in self-defense shooting cases, said attorney Blue Rannefeld of Fort Worth, Texas. Source: Orlando Sentinel

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  • The Martin family hasn’t been clean in this. They show only pictures of their son as a child, they claim their son’s reputation is ruined because the truth of his behavior has emerged and they have copy written their son’s image and name.

    Wounds on Zimmerman’s head are seen on the police video. The police took Zimmerman to the ER first. And there are doctor’s reports.

    I have heard that there are a couple of videos of the incident that show the story as Zimmerman says it happened. If that is true, then there is no evidence to prove him guilty.

    • findalis, have you seen it confirmed that he actually went to the ER?

      • It was confirmed by Zimmerman’s family and the police. Any wound in the head must be seen by a doctor, thus the ER.