Florida Democrats Replace Stars on US Flag with Obamas Face: Flies it Underneath American Flag

Veterans are furious. Democrat headquarters in Lake County, Florida replaced the stars with Obama’s face, stuck it on a flag pole underneath the American flag and saw nothing wrong with doing so. A dozen Veterans showed up to remove the flag and were told they were on private property. Democrat Party chairwoman Nancy Hulbert took the flag down after doing an online search for the American flag code. How did Ms. Hulbert miss the creepiness factor? View the WFTV video here. 

And, there is a controversy, as a 2009 Tea Party Flag also replaces the stars on the American flag, and says “American Tea Party Revolution.” The Tea Party does not have the ability to be a “ruler” or even a leader. The Tea Party is many, not one person. The Tea Party flag DID NOT FLY at GOP headquarters.

Obama's Face on American Flag at Lake County, FL Democrat Headquarters

UPDATE 5:15 pm CDT: Worse yet, the Obama flag was made in China. 

Is it just me, or is there a similarity?

Mao Tse Tung


I don’t remember candidate Obama ever being asked about the photo above, which has circulated widely across the blogosphere, and I do not remember him explaining.

UPDATE 5:35 pm CDT: The following from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

I’m not sure whether to be outraged or amused.  It’s one thing for someone to go to the trouble of producing that flag, but another level of cluelessness to actually fly it — and especially at the party’s HQ. It demonstrates a deep disconnect between the Democratic Party leadership and the people they claim to represent.  In the accompanying Sun Sentinel video, one of the veterans angrily castigates the Democratic Party worker for promoting a cult of personality rather than legitimate politicking.  The flag makes that much obvious, but that’s been obvious from the time Obama began to succeed in the 2007-8 campaign, too.


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  • That’s what our flag will look like if we have another 4 years of Obama.

  • David

    Our poor country.Sad how brain dead some of our people are. Can’t fix stupid.

  • Maggie, a favor?? Please make a BIG BOLD note in your post letting folks know that the TEA Party flags was almost 3 years ago and those flags are NOT around any more… I am being inundated with people wanting them and by some blasting ME for having them for sale…

  • Plus, I haven’t been associated with the TEA Party for almost 2 years now..

  • I know how they found it… I can follow links too, PLEASE, take the link down from this blog post… Please?

    This is a real issue, my email is flooded, I have even had hate mail from it, all because of the link on this post that leads to your OLD blog and the post there…

  • Maggie, I remember that photograph of this disrespectful candidate, Obama, who’s friends tried, years ago and still are today, trying to dismantle this country, I remember him never raising his hand to his chest, out of respect for our flag, or his lame explanation on why he wouldn’t wear an American Flag pin. All these things led me to believe back then, that he was groomed by our own, American leftest, rebels, to be the tool of this countries demise. I haven’t seen anything he’s done that sways me from that opinion today.

  • gdhomy2000

    Now that is a general statement how would you fell if all people of color had that general opinon. We live in a diverse world and country, everyone has rights. Everything changes for the better, to benefit all people not just one group.

    • gdhomy2000, Not every change benefits the people. Changes made to our liberties, and to our freedom to choose, don’t benefit the people in the long run, but they do benefit the power of those elected to govern all of us. Social Security was the first step to making people dependent on the government. Welfare and Unemployment has enslaved many in this country to the whims of the Government, and made the weak loyal to the Democratic Party, who gives everything to those to lazy to work, while digging into the pockets of those who do work. That in the long run, hurts those who live on the dole, and just about ruins those who don’t.
      This type of control and dependence is insidious in it’s entrapment of those willing to give up freedoms for convenience. Obama Care is a giant step in enslaving and in making everyone in this country dependent on their government.. or rather, the boss is made subservient to the employee.

      I for one, who had ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, am fearful that their sacrifices were for nothing. If you can’t see what I’m saying as true, then your blinding yourself to the absolute truth, that we are but frogs in cold water, and the water is just starting to boil, but we think we’re ok… till we are no more.

      This country was created to give freedom of choice for everyone. Yes, slaves were not originally included, but many died to end that enduring blemish. I had ancestors that fought in the Union, and who died for the right of a people to be free. I’m afraid they fought for nothing. We’re all slowly being enslaved to the will of the people who work for us.

      What benefits everyone, is government out of our everyday lives. Out of our bank accounts, and out of what we eat or light our house with.

      Freedom is being able to drill for oil, till we have a reliable alternative to replace it. Just think of this.. Electricity is created by coal, hydro, and oil. If everyone starts to use the current, inefficient electric motor, and the very expensive batteries, still to weak to get you farther than 20 or so miles. Landfills will benefit from all those spent batteries.

      If we all plug in our cars at night, and use power for air conditioners, Stoves, heating, and thousand of other uses now being used with electricity, your still going to be reliant on oil, coal and water power. More power plants would have to be built. Wind farms would start to pollute the country side. You tell me, how fair is that, when we will be even more reliant on foreign oil for those power plants. If Countries that supply this country with oil decide to withdraw the oil, this country would come to a complete stop. People would start to starve because, trucks would no longer deliver the food, stores would disappear for lack of supplies. How in the end does that benefit anyone?
      Wake up gdhomy2000… See Obama for what he is. I don’t see a black man or white man, I see someone trying to implement a plan to enslave you and me. Pull your head out of the liberal sands of sleepy time. Wake up and realize that your being slowly fed a passel of lies. Time to get a back bone, face up to reality, and demand that all this crap stops now.

  • I want you to know, I am still getting HATE MAIL because of the link that YOU have posted to the TEA Party flags thing from almost 3 years ago…

    Thanks for your consideration Maggie… Thanks a lot…

    • ALL DONE. Let me know if there are other problems. I know it’s in cache somewhere.