ESPN Forgets Israel – ESPN Remembers Palestine

The story is a bit complicated, but on one of ESPN’s website, Israel is omitted from one portion, while Palestine is represented throughout.

Fran Boscow at Constitutionalists for Liberty:

A journalist on board with WND (World Net Daily), Joe Kovacs, posted his article about the ESPN site showing that ESPN on their ESPN TV Schedule under “other” at the right hand corner in which it displays countries, shows that instead of Israel listed they list Palestine. Palestine is not a country nor a state. Palestinians, however, are mostly Arabs that are living within Israel. This is clearly an anti Israel gesture on ESPN’s part.

Nothing burns my hide more than racism, especially anti Semitism!

America has been a true ally with Israel for a very long time. But, our current President and his “regime” have shown their true colors in how they feel about Israel. ESPN is a network that televises sports events. Since when has ESPN been in the political arena….especially in favor of the Palestinians and against Israel!

The country of Israel is missing from at least part of ESPN’s website, while Palestine is included throughout, raising the eyebrows of some sports fans, since Israel is an existing country and Palestine is not…

ESPN has told WorldNetDaily (read it here) they “are looking into it.”

The portion where Israel is missing is in the TV-listing section of

A drop-down menu at the top right of the page has countries listed in alphabetical order. On the list are Hungary, Iceland, Iran and Ireland, immediately followed by Italy, Jordan and Kazakhstan…

Though Israel should appear between Ireland and Italy, it’s not found anywhere on the list, though Palestine is included, between Oman and Poland.

Sports fanatics: Give ’em hell!

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook