Eric Holder: BrainWash Children on Guns Video – Ironic: Sends Weapons to Mexico Teens to Come Back to Kill American Teens

Oh the irony. Attorney General Eric Holder purposefully sent high-powered weapons into Mexico, many getting into the hands of Mexican teenagers, to bring back across the border to kill American teenagers. This C-SPAN video from 1995 shows Eric Holder talking to the Woman’s National Democratic Club. The subject is the Gun Initiative Bill. He says children are fascinated with violence and guns, and think both are hip and cool. He is calling for an informational campaign with cooperation from television, Hollywood, atheletes, and influential persons like Jesse Jackson and then corrupt Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry. At just before 3 mins in he says we have to be repetitive, talk about it every day, “really brainwashing people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” Remember that Washington, D.C. has a long history of denying adult citizens their Second Amendment rights.

Eric Holder

If I didn’t know so much about Eric Holder, I would support his call, as generations of our young people have had their lives changed through illegal use of guns, by drugs and by unwanted pregnancies. But I know Holder is anti-Right-to-Keep-and-Bear-Arms. I know he is a raving racist. I know he doesn’t care about many illegal things happening in our communities today – like voter intimidation and fraud, and putting our border patrol’s lives in danger when he planted weapons in Mexico for the sole purpose of slamming gun sellers in border states with stricter laws. I don’t want any Liberal brainwashing my children, even if the initial idea is a good one, because it will morph out of control and eventually ditsy programs like putting condoms on cucumbers will end up in our schools. Right. They already have. Read about Holder’s part in sending guns to Mexico here.

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Video courtesy of – Vetting Obama

Eric Holder 1995 – “really brainwashing people into thinking about guns…”

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  • The tune back then is the same today. Holder is a socialist, dripping with idiotocracy…. He and so many other libs are getting away with so much!

  • Geo

    David in a previous thread [Executive Order Fiat] mentioned this incident.

    This is a true story and well worth a peek.

    Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee 1946

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    • Geo it worked.. and thank you for the link.. I lost it.