Egypt Declares Israel No. 1 Enemy – Vote to Stop Gas Exports to Israel – War History

I’ve written about this many times before and since the laughable “Arab Spring,” that has turned out to be the  Springtime of Oppression moving through the Winter of Terror and Crackdowns, into the current Springtime of The Muslim Brotherhood Rising, which will become the future of familiar Islamist Oppression – not a sign of Spring in the very far distance – not a single glimpse of democracy rising. It started with the “Modesty Police” roaming the streets while the Spring Revolution was still roiling in Tahir Square. Now Egypt has declared Israel their No. 1 enemy. The powerless Parliament has voted to stop all gas exports to Israel and ban the Israeli Ambassador to Egypt. While elections in Egypt are not final, it appears the country will not escape the clutches of the Muslim Brotherhood. In the meantime, knowing the treaty is dead, we will continue to send them BILLIONS in aid to use against their newly declared enemy, Israel. Every day, Egypt sounds more like PLO thugs. See the video below.

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There has been peace in the area only because of the Egypt-Israel peace treaty signed more than 30 years ago, and kept on Egypt’s part in a kinda/sorta kind-of-way. In the treaty, Egypt “recognized” Israel’s right to exist – the only country in the Middle East to publicly do so. Egypt had to sign the treaty to get their hands on the Sinai Peninsula once again – over which they have never held any legal sovereignty. Egypt claimed the land, but the Sinai was not Egyptian land. Nevertheless, Israel took it from them – again – after being attacked – again – by Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The Muslim Brotherhood has stated they will not honor the peace treaty, even if the Egyptian people demand it. The Muslim Brotherhood’s “deputy Supreme Leader,” Rashad Bayoumi says, no matter what the people want, the “Brotherhood” will never “sit down” with Israel. “We will not deal with Israelis by any means,” he said.

Egypt’s current public denial of Israel’s right to exist must be considered with facts of their past aggressions against Israel.

Reminders of the 1956 Suez Canal War:

● In May 1948, Egypt closed the Suez Canal to Israel stopping all good flowing to Israel from any country, in defiance of the Israel-Egypt Armistice.

● On September 1, 1951 the U.N. Security Counsel ordered Egypt to open the Suez Canal to Israel.

● In April 1954:

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Muhammad Salah al-Din, said early in 1954:

“The Arab people will not be embarrassed to declare: We shall not be satisfied except by the final obliteration of Israel from the map of the Middle East (Al-Misri, April 12, 1954).”

● In 1955, Nassar began stock piling weapons from the Soviet Union.

● On August 31, 1955 Nassar announced:

Egypt has decided to dispatch her heroes, the disciples of Pharaoh and the sons of Islam and they will cleanse the land of Palestine….There will be no peace on Israel’s border because we demand vengeance, and vengeance is Israel’s death.

From Jordan, those “heroes” attacked terrorists in the ways we recognize acts of terror today. Israel had only a small standing army and the raids meant that Israel had to call up reserves, taking them out of a new economy that needed every hand possible (see, Israelis actually went to work everyday).

● In July, Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal. This brought Britain and France into play, but I’ll save that for another time.

Nassar released a statement saying:

Our hatred is very strong. There is no sense in talking about peace with Israel. There is not even the smallest place for negotiations.

● On October 25th, Syria and Jordan signed an agreement that Nassar would command their armies in the coming war with Israel.

● On October 29th, Israel attacked Egypt.

Paratroopers landed in the Sinai and Israeli forces quickly advanced unopposed toward the Suez Canal before halting in compliance with the demands of England and France. As expected, the Egyptians ignored the Anglo-French ultimatum to withdraw since they, the “victims,” were being asked to retreat from the Sinai to the west bank of the Canal while the Israelis were permitted to stay just 10 miles east of the Canal.

Britain and France, which laid claim to the Suez Canal, vetoed a U.N. U.S.-sponsored resolution calling for Israel’s withdrawal. Britain and France bombed Egyptian airfields, letting Israel do the dirty work of returning the Suez Canal to them.

Israel once again defeated Egypt.

Dwight Eisenhower, now the U.S. President was not happy that Israel, Britain or France notified the U.S. that the Suez Canal was the goal, so the U.S. threatened to discontinue all U.S. Assistance to Israel.

Israel withdrew from the Suez Canal only after the U.S. guaranteed the Straits of Tiran would stay open to them.

The terrorist raids were discontinued for awhile…until the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was birthed.

Reminders of the 1967 Six Days War:

● In the Spring, Syria conducted terrorist raids against Israel, water was diverted by Syria, from Israel and irrigation projects for south and central Israel, although approved by Arab engineers as non-detrimental to Arab lands, were not approved by the Arab governments.

● In May, Egypt blocked the Strait of Tiran to Israeli ships. “Lebanon, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia all activated their militaries. Iraqi troops reportedly approached the Syrian and Jordanian borders while Jordan moved tanks towards the West Bank.”

● Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia formed a “defense pact.” Egyptian President Nasser said “Our basic objective will be the destruction if Israel.” The guerrilla raids on Israel continued, including mine attacks.

The Arab people want to fight….” This link is an excellent map of the areas of attack on Israel from the “pact.” Click to enlarge the map. The tiny nation of Israel was surrounded by “some 500,000 troops, more than 5,000 tanks, and almost 1,000 fighter planes.” France, Israel’s major arms supplier, issued a “complete ban on weapons sales and transfers to Israel.”

● On June 5, 1967 war broke out with 100,000 Egyptian troops on the Sinai border, which Egypt was charged with keeping peaceful in the 1949 Armistice Agreements. Syria had at least 75,000 troops on their borders, Jordan 55,000. Iraq placed tanks and fighter jets on the borders of Jordan and Israel. The Pakistani air force, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia joined the coming fight.

Get a visual of tiny Israel surrounded with these masses. Israelis who could, sent their children to Europe. It is believed 100,000 graves were dug. Germany contributed gas masks to Israel.

It is significant that so few know any truth about this period in Israel’s history.

● After three day Israel defeated Jordan and gained control of all of Jerusalem, including the West Bank, known historically as Judea and Samaria.

● Israel took control of the Gaza Strip

● On the fifth day, Israel took the Golan Heights. That ended the Six Days War

The Rest of the Story:

Reminders of the 1973 Yom Kippur War:

● In 1973 Egypt and Syria again joined forces to destroy Israel with a plan to attack on Yom Kippur.

● On October 6th, the holiest day of the Jewish year, Egypt and Syria crossed ceasefire lines into the Sinai and the Golan Heights.  Egypt and Syria attacked with 1400 Syrian tanks and 80,000 Egyptian soldiers amassed. By contrast, Israel had a tank force of only 180. Once again, Jordan, Iraq, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and the Sudan supplied men and equipment. The Soviets financed the Arabs.

● On October 8th, Israel counter-attacked, crossed the Suez Canal and marched toward Cairo. Depending on which history you read, Israeli forces were 25-65 miles from Cairo.

● By October 24th, Israel had the Egyptian Army surrounded and the IDF was about 25 miles from Damascus. With Israel surrounding Egypt’s Third Army, the U.N. called for a ceasefire. The Yom Kippur War was over with another humiliating defeat for the Arab World.

Flash forward to 2012 and consider what Israel is facing. We tend to ignore Middle Eastern bluster, but will be best served by taking every word seriously, based on historical fact. Thanks to Breitbart for the video. Thanks to David Lemon for the tip.

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Egypt Declares Israel an Enemy (video)

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