Danny Davis: Chicago Communist Headquarters – Davis receives Chris Hani and Rudy Lozano Social Justice Award

In the Breitbart video below, you’ll see Congressman Danny Davis (D-IL) leaving the Chicago Communist Party USA headquarters at the Unity Center, where he received an award from People’s World – the Chris Hani and Rudy Lozano Social Justice Award. Note that Davis is a Democrat member of the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee.  You’ll also see a clip of Obama introducing Davis in 2004, talking about their shared values. There is a strong connection between the President and the Congressman. Davis was a member of Chicago’s New Party which was committed to electing Leftist candidates and there is good evidence Obama was also a member:

Danny Davis

From Trevor Loudon’s KeyWiki (“strong evidence” that Obama actually joined the New Party):

Two organizations formed the backbone of the New Party– the Democratic Socialists of America and the U.S.’s largest radical organization, ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now ). Radical labor union SEIUalso had considerable input, as did members of theCommunist Party USA breakaway group, Committees of Correspondence.

The “strong evidence” of Obama joining the New Party comes from this:

New Party News Spring 1996 page 1, celebrated the Davis’ Congressional victory and went on to say;

“New Party members won three other primaries this Spring in Chicago: Barack Obama (State Senate), Michael Chandler (Democratic Party Committee) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary)…”these victories prove that small ‘d’ democracy can work’ said Obama”.

New party News Spring 1996 page 2, Danny Davis center, Barack Obama right


About the award given to Davis: Chris Hani was the leader of the South African Communist Party. He was assassinated in 1993. The assassin’s sentence to death was commuted to life in prison when South Africa made the Death Penalty unlawful. Rudy Lozano was a Chicago Community Organizer before his death in 1983, when he was shot and killed in what is believed to be a drug deal gone bad. His son, Rudy Jr. is a candidate for the Illinois State Congressional seat for District 21. He had a failed campaign in the 2010 race.

People’s World is an online news site “by and for the 99% and the direct descendants of the Daily Worker.” The Daily Worker was a Communist Party USA newspaper, which merged with People’s World in 1986. They “enjoy a special relationship with the Communist Party USA.”

In the video identified with Breitbart and Rebel Pundit, a citizen journalist asks Congressman Davis if he is aware that he is leaving the “home of the Communist Party USA in Chicago. Davis is well aware. Someone in Davis’ party puts his hands on the citizen journalist and there is a heated exchange.

The video cuts inside the meeting. Davis has accepted his award, is holding it, saying he and Rudy Lozano worked together to “try and build a relationship between Latino and African American activists and Union types. We called ourselves Progressives.”

Examples of the activities of the Unity Center in Chicago: in January 2012 the Communist Party USA sponsored a potluck dinner and a series on “Can Capitalism Last?” In support of the community, various businesses are highlighted. How about a Communist Bike Shop?

Continuing with Obama’s attacks on Sarah Palin today (he set up her own website) you’ll find a Unity Center column “Live from Sarah Palin’s home state:

Dan Savage counsels Alaskans on female ejaculators, the “B” in LGBT, long-term relationships, and more.

Since Breitbart is a part of this story, I notice on the Unity Center website, Michael Miner is a columnist there. Miner says that Andrew’s last column posted after his death referred to Miner’s column about him:

His subject was a column of mine published in the Reader in February about the heavy lifting Republicans were doing, Newt Gingrich in particular, to tar President Obama by linking him to the legacy of the late community organizer Saul Alinsky.

What’s interesting are the comments on Miner’s post at Unity/Reader. Here’s a preview – see them all here: 

● Why did Obama have his records sealed and why was he never asked about it? 29 likes, 0 dislikes

● Read Radical in Chief by Stanley Kurtz. 11 likes, 4 dislikes

● Why did you crop the poster…leaving out Barack Obama’s name? 21 likes, 2 dislikes

● Another with the same question, why did you crop the poster? 16 likes, 2 dislikes

● The url leading to the Breitbart article and poster. 13 likes, 2 dislikes.

● Then there is this comment which I have separated into several paragraphs for readibility. It has 32 likes, 6 dislikes:

What a piece of garbage this article is. You say, “Whatever—it was a long time ago.” Would it be “a long time ago” if this was a panel of racists? Or violent extremist? I don’t think you’d be so dismissive. (Oh, wait they are violent extremists.)

Don’t you understand Communism in all its forms is the most repugnant, anti-human philosophy on earth. Communism has killed more gays, more artists, more minorities, and more intellectuals than any other bankrupt political system ever conceived. It’s killed more people overall than any other political perversion of man.

And you think it’s not relevant that at the very least our president is a Communist sympathizer? What else would you call sitting with a panel like this. If he sat with a panel of racists, you’d label him a racist.

So here we have him sitting with Communists, and all these many years later (not really that long actually) he supports OWS which has stated explicitly a goal of ending capitalism (And replacing it with ??? Guess what’ll come next… Bingo… Communism!) and you don’t at least SUSPECT he has Communist tendencies? It defies logic. Try and drop the non-stop partisanship and for once call it like it is…

How about those Breitbart defenders over there at Unity?

The Breitbart column, his last and the first published on the newly launched Breitbart site is here.

Rep. Danny K. Davis Outside Unity Center in Chicago (video)

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