Daily Perspective: Getting a Grip

Take a look at this post and tell me it doesn’t make your day. While there, look around at some of the great photos and artwork. 

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • A really nice one of Andrew Breitbart! I also like the pic of President George Bush and the military jet!

    • Fran, I thought the pic of GW was just grand. Woodsterman is a master at telling the story through a photo or graphic.

  • You found a very old (me and DuhWon) post at my place. As you can see I’m a firm believer in humor being able to get us through this mess we’re in.

    • Woodsterman, actually I didn’t find the post to go with the graphic. I found the graphic on Google images. I linked the photo to your blog, but if you will send me url, I’ll link the pic.

      I tried to comment on your Bush/BO post, but had trouble with logging in to my blogger account. The comment disappeared. I thought maybe you were moderating.