Breitbart Wake Video: There Lies a Steel Driving Man

This video from Andrew Breitbart’s wake features those who knew and worked with him. Note at 56 seconds in, Stacy McCain’s tribute which leads to “sidekick blogger, Smitty, and later includes “there lies a steel driving man.” Great stuff. At 1:24 seconds in see miniature Stacy, his son Jefferson McCain, who talks about the awesomeness of answering the telephone and hearing Breitbart on the end of the line (or cell tower). There are many Conservatives paying homage to Andrew in this video. Now you can put a face to the name.

Andrew Breitbart with his family

H/T to Nice Deb who has another tribute with the perfect soundtrack to memorialize Breitbart’s wake, if we must, and unfortunately we must.

Andrew Breitbart Wake: Friends Pay Homage to Steel Driving Man (video)

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