Bolton: Obama Missile Defense Firebell in the Night – Sign of Weakness

In the video below, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton chats with Fox News’ Jon Scott about yet another hot mic episode with Barack Obama. Earlier this week, Obama was caught telling outgoing Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev to wait until after the election to address missile defense, when he can be more “flexible,” meaning that he can further reduce the U.S. missile arsenal. He specifically tells Medvedev to pass the message on to incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin. Besides the fact that Obama obviously believes he will be re-elected, he is essentially telling Russia he WILL weaken the U.S. Bolton says that Russia still has more nuclear power than any country on the planet. He believes the statement is a sign of weakness, and that Obama will use another term in office to further his agenda, without using the treaty mechanism, or going through Congressional approval.

John Bolton

Somewhat paraprhased, here is a partial transcript:

SCOTT: You have said there is huge cause for concern.

BOLTON: This is a Firebell in the Night, this comment by Obama. The only flexibility that he can be talking about, and I think you can see that Medvedev understood it perfectly, is giving away more from the American position on missile defense and more broadly on security issues.

For the President to try to say, as he did today, you can’t get something complicated started in an election year, it’s just dissembling. Obviously, he’s saying to Medvedev and the Russian government, generally, just wait until after the election is over and then I can give way on points that I would be harshly criticized for in the U.S.,  if I were to surrender them before the election…

Romney is dead-on-right. Russia still has the most massive nuclear weapons capability of any other country on earth, and with incoming President Putin…it is a real threat. That’s why when you hear the President again, giving way on American missile defense, defending our homeland – that’s why I’m saying it’s a Firebell in the Night. This is something that verges on the irresponsible – for a President of the United States to say that to another World Leader.

SCOTT: (Reminds of Russia invading Georgia).

BOLTON: Then-candidate Obama called on both sides to show restraint.

This is a signal of weakness on the part of our President – very revealing, obviously candid comment, that Obama didn’t think anybody anybody else was going to hear, that our adversaries around the world will understand as a sign of weakness, and our friends will worry about.

Again, I tell you, this is a real Firebell in the Night, the way he has, is not going to wish this one away.

SCOTT:  asks …about missile defense and the size of our arsenal, the President has said he wants to drastically reduce the size of our nuclear arsenal. Are those the kind of things he could push through with another term in office, without having to answer to the voters, and without necessarily heeding Congress?

BOLTON: There are lots of indications that Obama has already decided to take exactly that route to avoid the treaty mechanism and Senate, the requirement, the Senate requirement of Constitutional approval. This is something in the national security field where the Constitution obviously gives the President primacy. He will have a lot of discretion. But honestly, I’d worry about, in the domestic sphere, where he has already shown a preference for Executive Order. I think this is the lesson if he is reelected for a second term.

The bottom line: Obama doesn’t believe in a missile defense system. Hear it from his own mouth at Bunkerville.

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