Black Man Tyrone Woodfork Charged in Beating Murder of Bob Nancy Strait – Suspects Still Sought? Straits Look Like My Parents

One Black man, Tyrone Dale David Woodford 20, is under arrest in the death of Nancy Strait 85, and the assault and near-death beating of her husband of 65 years, Bob Strait 90, who was also shot in the face with a BB gun. Mrs. Strait was raped as well as brutally beaten. Reports says “burglars” broke into the Strati home, so I’m assuming there are other suspects sought in the case, but have no confirmation.  Woodfork was charged today with felony first-degree murder, two counts of robbery with a firearm and first-degree burglary. Woodfork and others reportedly broke into the Strait home on March 14th. Mrs. Strait died of her injuries the next day. The New Black Panthers HAVE NOT offered a 10,000 man army to search for the remaining suspects, and they have not offered a bounty for the capture of Woodfork’s fellow felons (assuming there are others). The Strait home in Tulsa was located about 6 blocks from the home I grew up in and lived in until I graduated High School, in the same neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Strait look like my parents. To you, Mikhail Muhammad, you are killing our parents, and our children, and our husbands and our wives, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors and the man at the gas station on the corner. Don’t think you can distract us from those who die at the hands of our Black populace. See ongoing UPDATES below.

What kind of monster rapes an 85 year old woman? I could say, look at the first photo below – that’s the kind of monster willing to rape anyone, but no, Woodfork is considered innocent until proven guilty – unlike George Zimmerman. To the Strait family, you have had my prayers since this story broke, and I hope you will accept my apologies for making this an issue of race. With the Black Panthers raising their “army” to capture George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin, the Black Panthers offering $10,000 for the capture of Zimmerman, with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton the preening stars of a Martin rally today, and with the President saying his son, if he had one, would look like Trayvon  – everything seems to be about race today. Bob and Nancy Strait look like my parents.

Tyrone Woodfork

Mr Strait, who served in the 101st Airborne Division in World War II, suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and severe bleeding. He is in a serious condition in hospital.

Police have arrested 20-year-old Tyrone Dale David Woodfork in connection with the case.

The Straits’ distraught family today paid tribute to the pair, who grew up in poverty in rural Oklahoma during the Great Depression.

They met each other on a blind date on Thanksgiving 1946, married a month later and went on to have six children, 18 grandchildren and about 50 great and great-great grandchildren. They had recently welcomed a great-great-great grandchild…

Bob and Nancy Strait

The pair could be found sitting on their porch singing and playing the guitar during warmer summer evenings.

Mr Strait, who had worked for the oil derrick supply company Lee C. Moore before retirement, enjoyed woodwork while his wife loved making quilts and baking….

Tulsa police believe burglars broke into the Straits’ home either late Tuesday or early Wednesday last week. They were not found until the Wednesday evening. The Daily Mail has the full story.

Mr. Strait is still hospitalized. His daughters are hoping he will remember nothing. I pray he will not.

In Mississippi Saturday night, a 21 year old Mississippi State University White man, John Sanderson was murdered by three Black men. Two days later (today) the Tulsa World reported this story without mentioning that those sought are Black or that Sanderson was White. Maybe they didn’t know when they went to press, but the World is known for such shoddy journalism. It matters only because of the evolving atmosphere of hate around George Zimmerman. One of the Sanderson suspects is now under arrest – and guess what, yes…he really is Black. The next night in Jackson, Mississippi a Jackson State University man – a Black man – Nolan Ryan Henderson, was shot and killed at a pool party. We don’t know if his killer was Black or White or Hispanic or Asian. But there are witnesses, just as there are in the Sanderson murder.

And when I looked at Nolan’s photo, and the touching memorial his friends posted on Facebook, I felt great sorrow for that young life and for his family, just as I did when I heard about the death of Trayvon Martin, and the the sheer horror at what happened to the Straits. But make no mistake about it, the New Black Panthers feel nothing for anyone but those they call their own – and understand this please, not every Black American is considered one of them – and they are grateful for it.

UPDATE 9:45 am 3-27-11: Tyrone Woodfork lived four doors away from the Straits.

UPDATE 3-29-12: A granddaughter of the Straits left a comment saying there are 4 others believed to be involved in this terrible crime – still on the streets.

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  • Black on black, black on white doesn’t matter. Only white on black. Don’t ya just love the libers. They run the country.

    • I see it myself, Carl. My daughter in law said to me two years ago, it’s the “Browning of America”. Both of my son’s wives are Philipina’s and I love them like my own kids. That’s not an issue. However Black vs White it’s a headliner, if it’s White vs Black. Then, and ONLY then, do we hear about the White brutality that is fanned by the media and escalated out of reality. There is no longer any room in America for Whitey, I have heard. Evidently, the society that makes this country cohesive (whitey) otta step aside and watch the country unravel into Uganda vs Mexico and there will be no more United States. And no more free capitalist society. I may further add that this is the ultimate plan by the Socialists to destroy America. Kruschev said “We will bury you!” And he meant destruction from within. It’s in our face right freakin NOW! The uneducated and the College grads have been, and are still being, groomed by the Socialists among us.I say Anarchy will soon reign and this will culminate in the Saving Grace of a One World Gov’t. And a total Socialist World. The 1000 points of light, the great “Change” will come to pass. It’s written in Revelations! I, however, will die with my boots on and a warm gun in my hand. Just looking for leadership. Anyone that lives and benefits in America and says “God damn America” should be a target. Just an opinion… Good luck, Bob

  • Stephen


    • Stephen – what I don’t get is that there is no outrage about the Straits. What is it you don’t get about the one-sided issue of race?

      • John

        What Stephen is saying justice is basically being served in the case of the Straits because he has been arrested, so why should there be an outrage or cry. The big issue over the Trayvon case is the perp has no been arrested as of yet.

        • John


        • John, if you look at the title of my article, I alluded to Obama’s comment about Trayvon looking like his son. I used the same analogy with the Straits. The prosecutor has been in touch with Zimmerman the entire time. At this moment, he is in custody.

          Apparently there are still 4 sought in the crime against against the Straits. Where is the reward money from the NBPP.

    • Meredith

      The problem with it is that there are still 4 more assailants out there that HAVENT been arrested for the murder and rape of my 85 year old grandmother, and the brutal assault on my grandfather. They have only the one and know that more were involved, but guess what no ones talking.

      • Meredith, I haven’t seen that in the news reports. Thank you for clarifying that Woodfork is not the only suspect. What I saw is that he lived a few doors down and was seen in their car. I am so sorry for what they did to your grandparents. As I said, I grew up in that neighborhood. I don’t know which house is their’s but I had to have walked by it many, many times. My prayers are with your grandfather and your family as you try to live with this horror. I’ll watch for any more news of others, and please feel free to come back and let me know if something is happening with the 4 others. Blessings to you and yours.

  • Dana

    Great article. Is it me, or has race relations plummeted since Obama took office?

    • Dana, I don’t think it’s you. I expect to get worse day-by-day between now and November. It’s been bad from day one – amping up now. Thanks for coming by and commenting.

    • Mike in Hawaii

      Dana, I think it’s you. Race relations in this country have always been terrible. Obama as POTUS is not responsible for race. He goes out of his way to not address race. I think he learned his lesson after the police arrested his friend. Everyone is pointing at the people on the other side and refusing to call out those that they look like – or playing tick for tat. We won’t ever get it together until people of all racial groups see a wrong and address it no matter what race the perpetrator. I’m black and contrary to many white people’s beliefs – not all black people are enamored of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. If they would take up the victimization of anyone, no matter what the color, then I would have more respect for them, but they do not. Barack Obama is the best friend racial harmony could have. He is black and white and has unique observations of both.

      • Thank you for this comment, Mike. I know this to be true as well. But the pressure is ON and the media makes the most of it. I respect your observation.

    • Tell me about it… It’s getting rough out there.

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  • Sammy

    Obama says, “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.”

    This is interesting because the alleged murderer of Bob and Nancy Strait also looks A LOT like Trayvon Martin.

    • Sammy, spot on observation!

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  • Rick

    Who ever wrote this article is just TRYING to promote racist comments aren’t they? Everyone commits crimes not just African Americans. But they had to highlight he’s black. And repeat it over and over and also mention another completely unrelated and fallacious crime which was only mentioned cause it involved a black person. Dear writer, you’re a moron. Move to South Carolina and go be a writer for the Klan. Get out of general population.

  • Cain

    I totally agree with rick. If we put every unjustice act on tv people would be depressed. I think Obama as president helps highlight us blacks as something more productive than what people like maggie and everyone else thinks of us. Thats why it gets over exposure to the media. Majority of unfairness from the law and other races historically have been placed victim.on blacks. I think the Strait family has undergone something horrible and justice should be serve but you’re an idiot to downplay trayvon martin. Be equal asshole.

  • Rick and Cain, At no time have I downplayed Trayvon, but you certainly are downplaying the New Black Panthers, an army of 10,000 Black men and a Bounty now reaching astronomical proportions. You are both downplaying the President saying Trayvon looked like his son, had he had one. Of what import is that?

    Tell me, what does that have to do with Trayvon or George Zimmerman. It was an outrageous comment. Yes, I highlighted that this alleged killer is Black – BECAUSE, unbelievably, Zimmerman is called a White-Hispanic. Ridiculous. If he were a Nobel Prize winner, he would be Hispanic. AND the press couldn’t care less about Mr. and Mrs. Strait.

    At no time have I indicated Blacks or any other ethnicity are not productive, but what is not productive is ignoring the New Black Panthers and the President’s ongoing attempts to stir up problems. That is the focus of this post. You both ignore it as well, while calling me names.

    These crimes are not unrelated. People died both times. When the NBPP said Whites are “killing our children,”….have you looked at statistics? Who is killing whose children? Wake up! Grow up!

  • NO fixing somebody like that- that’s why we have a death penalty

    PLEASE let me pull the lever….

  • connie

    Great synopsis.

  • Menotyou

    You know if there’s such an issue about how blacks this and obama that and the Black panthers creating an army and $reward for zimmerman. No ones stopping you from doing the same. Lets start with your life saving since you have such an issue with blacks doing it. i’d donate to helping the straits and i’m proud to be BLACK!

    • Menotyou, we don’t do it because it’s illegal. It’s kidnapping and it’s a felony, and yet the NBPP are able to announce it on nationwide television. Families can work with law enforcement to offer rewards from them or other donors, but don’t you see…first it was wanted Dead or Alive…then a reward for capture.

      The New Black Panthers do nothing good for anyone but a few willing to let them be the big fish in a little pond.
      Where is the talk about the NBPP in the Black communities? Muhammad says “you kill mine, I gotta kill yours.” Is that the society you want to live in?

      And speaking of talk, most of this post had to do with Obama and his comment about Trayvon.

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  • Mike in Hawaii

    At least this black animal charged with killing a white is in jail charged with an offense, a reprehensible offense.

    Meanwhile, the white animal in Florida – who killed a black kid – has not been charged with anything and still has his freedom.

    Based on the above statements, whatever you are trying to prove racially is an epic failure. Two people of different races appear to have committed murder.

    Guess the color of the one who is locked up and the color of the one who is still free.

    Go ahead, take a guess….

    • Debbie

      Last time I checked Zimmerman is a MEXICAIN……I would not care if he were white/black/purple or green no one deserves to die from the hands of another. If everything or even some of what Zimmerman is saying is true then he should get a fair trial, BUT thanks to the media and Obama he will never get that. There is a big difference in what happened with Zimmerman and Martin than what happened with the Strait’s and Wood. We will never really know what kind of a teenager Martin was because his family wants us all to think he was a angel. To walk in someones home and beat and rape and kill them just for a few hundred dollars and a car………….my GOD people look at the difference in the two cases and stop comparing…..Let this poor Lady rest in peace and let God heal this poor man…..Maybe if Obama stood up and made a speech or all the other politicians and if there was a protest all the killers would be in jail……….

      • Debbie, the reason only reason I put the Straits in this story was to point out the hypocrisy of the New Black Panthers, Sharpton and Jackson. None of which are looking for those involved. I was making a point that every day, young Black men die and the NBPP are not interested until the killer has some White blood, which Zimmerman does. His father is White, his mother Peruvian.

        There are some things about Trayvon we can know from his out-of-control FB pages. He was not the model teenager, but no, he does not deserve to die for that.

        And yes, George Zimmerman’s quality of life is over.

  • Menotyou

    Well put Mike in hawaii!

  • ric

    Lock that monster up. I don’t care about how some say it’s the socioeconomic system that breeds these criminals. It’s instinctive to know that murder is wrong. Let him rot in jail and die. Or to save tax dollars, let’s go back to capital punishment. Eye for an eye worked well for controlling crime for thousands of years.

  • licensed2carry
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  • Hope

    The race of these people do not matter. You break the law, hurt kill, rape you should go to jail. It is SIN folks!! That is what is wrong with our nation, it ia sin thing not a skin thing. From the very start of our nation we have done wrong, we are not a perfect nation. God has shed is grace on us. But we hold to hate, which is not of God. We kill babies like roaches, people who call themselves true believers live together and are not married. Kids are being raised without fathers or mothers. Even our leaders lie and say about anything just to get elected. Sex on tv, on the radio and yet we stick our chest out a say we are a Christan nation. The bible says, “Men shall wax worst.” So, here is where we are. Yet, I have hope because the Lord of God also say, “When you see these signs know that thy redemption draws nigh.” We better stop playing and get real about seeking the Lord. The clouds are forming, But,it won’t be water but fire next time!

    • Hope, I agree that race doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, the media thinks otherwise. When I write as I did in the post, I’m making a point. It has to work both ways.