Bill Daley: Obama Deserves Blame in Debt Negotiation? Media Outs Obama Lie on Grand Debt Deal

Obama’s Chief of Staff at the time of the debt negotiations, Bill Daley, is characterized by Politico as “providing on-the-record support” for the GOP’s insistance that  Obama “deserves the blame for losing his nerve” in last summer’s debt negotiations. You’ll remember that once those negotiations ended, S&P downgraded our credit rating, and it remains downgraded. Daley has since resigned his position, or perhaps when quoted for the Washington Post article, knew he was a shortimer. Three good things about this story: 1) yet another confirmation that Barack Obama blatanly lied to the America people when he said Republicans insisted on tax cuts only, 2) that Boehner called for dumping the health care mandate, and while standing in the Oval Office and had the nerve to call it “ObamaCare,” and 3) it was a front page story in the Washington Post.


But in the Post’s version of events, Obama is portrayed as worrying he would face a backlash from the left if he pulled the trigger. And former Obama chief of staff Bill Daley provided surprising, on-the-record support of the GOP’s insistence that the president deserves blame for losing his nerve.

Daley said the White House privately fretted that Democrats would go ballistic if the president agreed to $800 billion in new tax revenues when some Republican senators had signaled willingness to go along with as much as $2 trillion.

“The Democratic leaders already thought we were idiot negotiators,” Daley said, according to the story. “So I called [Boehner chief of staff] Barry [Jackson] and said, ‘What are we going to do here? How are we going to sell Democrats to take $800 billion when Republican senators have signed on to” nearly $2 trillion.

In my opinion, the following are highlights of this huge, front page Washington Post article

Washington Post Page 5:

Boehner gets cheeky:

● Boehner said Republicans could accept automatic repeal of the top-end Bush tax cuts as an enforcement trigger only if that were balanced by automatic repeal of a key piece of Obama’s signature health-care law, the individual mandate. Here in the president’s own office, Boehner used the most derisive terminology of conservative critics, calling it “Obamacare.”

Obama laughed. Then he joked that maybe the trigger should be his own removal from office. Biden deadpanned: Republicans might just go for that.

The Gang of 6 entered the negotiations very late. It was the White House that notified Boehner’s office that they were considering a deal worked out by Senators Dick Durbin (D-ILL), Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) (described as “one of Boehner’s dearest friends”), and Tom Coburn (R-OK), another close friend of Barack and Michelle Obama. And while there was some support for the deal among other Republican Senators, there was not enough. The Gang of 6 failed. Congressman Paul Ryan said the Gang’s proposal fell “far short of what is needed to achieve the savings it claims,” and had no entitlement reform.

The catch for Obama: What happened to the “do nothing Congress” he was counting on? Obama, in a step that later gave Republicans every reason to believe something was not quite right (see Paul Ryan’s remarks), showed his “enthusiasm” in front of television cameras, but his problems, at this point were monumental:

● In private, however, he and his aides were alarmed. The emerging deal with Boehner looked timid by comparison.

 Daley added,“I don’t think it was a mischaracterization on our part to say we’d be beat up miserably by Democrats who thought we got out-negotiated.”

Senator Tom Coburn:

His effusive praise for the Gang of Six, Coburn believed, was a tactical mistake that revealed Obama’s inexperience in the ways of Washington. It signaled to skittish conservatives that a tax hike was on the way.

Obama’s announcement, Coburn said in an interview, “absolutely killed anything we were doing with the Republicans.”

Late in the day of the final day of negotiation, Obama had this conversation with Reid and Pelosi:

● That night, Obama prepared his party’s congressional leaders. He warned Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that he might return to the position under discussion the previous Sunday — that is, cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in exchange for just $800 billion in tax increases.

Would they support him?

The Democratic leaders “kind of gulped” when they heard the details, Daley recalled…By this time, Obama had become the face of the bitter debt-ceiling talks and his poll numbers were dropping…

Reluctantly, Reid and Pelosi agreed to do their best to support the plan.

It didn’t matter because John Boehner was refusing to talk, and no doubt was innundated by Tea Party supporters wanting no tax hikes. After about two days, Boehner called Obama and dropped out of negotiations. Later that night, Obama called Boehner and said he would take the deal – the deal that included $800 BILLION in tax increases, but Boehner said there was no time to reopen negotiations, so the deal obviously didn’t have loose ends tied.

“There was an agreement with the White House for $800 billion in revenue,” Boehner told reporters. “It was the president who walked away from this agreement.”

Obama’s next move was to claim in an address to the Nation that Boehner walked out on the Grand Deal, AND refused any tax increases. Untruthful. Three year history of habitual and intellectually dishonest lies are customary for this White House.

The blaming of Republicans began.

The Washington Post article sums up the Republican position today:

Republicans say those days offer clear evidence that the president is fiscally reckless and determined to tax his way out of the nation’s mounting deficit and debt problems. A Washington Post-ABC News poll this month illustrates Obama’s lingering vulnerability: Only about a third of Americans approve of his handling of the deficit.

It was Democrats who didn’t deliver. A White House aide is quoted saying Boehner “probably could not deliver a pizza,” but it was Obama who went running back for the deal and lost. Obama knows he has the microphone and the bully pulpit and  can lie continuously without being faced with the truth, because after all, the press had already delivered more than pizza for him. They delivered the Oval Office. But today, there is this irritating Washington Post article showing him to lie – looking straight out at the people he leads, in a nationwide address, and telling them a bald-faced lie. In the meantime, Conservatives won and the pain of hard-left idealism remains at the forefront of our daily lives.

Rush Limbaugh is asking why WaPo has come out with this story. I believe it is because there are a couple of book slated for release soon – one by Bob Woodward. If it’s going to be out there anyway, why not a front page article. Hot Air reminds us that there was no debt deal, the across-the-board sequestration cuts will go into effect in January – after the November elections and it will be painful. Time to talk about the coming sequestration, and how Obama’s so easily lies, and lies and lies.

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