Bettina Viviano Hollywood Producer: Clintons – Obama Ineligible: Extreme DNC Voter Fraud Documented: Women from Obama’s Church Interviewed

Bettina Viviano is a Conservative successful Hollywood producer who, in 2008, agreed to help friends of Hillary Clinton film a documentary on the fraud in the Democrat elections in 2008. I have a loose, partial transcript below (because videos have a way of disappearing from the Internet), but want to point out a few things of interest to me, and to help you cut to the bottom line. See the video below.

Bettina Viviano

1) The film was never finished. It was taken to the DNC at some point, with the thought that once they saw it, they would undo what was being done. They were wrong.

2) There is a co-owner of the film, with Viviano, and the co-owner is a Democrat and a filmmaker. She has been threatened.

3) At least Viviano still intends to finish the film. They were in talks with Andrew Breitbart before his death. PJMedia has contacted them, along with other people.

4) For the film, they interviewed WOMEN FROM TRINITY UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST (TUCC) – the church where Barack and Michelle Obama supposedly were members. It has long been a mystery to me, why from this huge church, no member has EVER said a single thing about the Obamas. My thought was, no one said anything because no one knew them. They were members only for political opportunity – no sharing a pew, no potluck dinners. They did have a close personal relationship with Jeremiah Wright, but seldom if ever attended. That was my thought. Maybe it’s more than that. After all this is Chicago, and everyone knows about the Chicago machine. The women Viviano interviewed were scared. Their faces could not be shown in the film – but they were interviewed.

5) Viviano calls out attorney Gloria Allred and her part in Democrat party shenanigans.

6) Bill and Hillary Clinton both expressed that Barack Obama was not eligible to be President.

7) GulagBound’s Sher Zieve has an interview up with Bettina Viviano dated November 2011. I highly recommend it.

Begin loose, partial transcript.

We actually thought that because we had proven that Obama stole the nomination from Hillary, that they would say “okay,” and give it back, but the DNC and Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, committed the fraud, so we were reporting it to the people who did it, which got us nowhere.

We watched the fake, phony Hillary stepping down, which we knew about the night before, the orchestrated theater. We watched them NOT call California in the roll call because California said we don’t care how much you threaten us, we are going to stand for Hillary, so they just skipped California entirely [at the DNC Convention].

It was the worst experience of my life.

[Interviewer] Do you think the Republicans do the same?

Viviano: No, I absolutely do not think so. (She says much more. Gives her reasons why at about 4:30 into the video. I’m skipping on to the part about Obama.)

(Well, okay, here some of what she says):

Viviano: I’m going to tell you the difference. Democrats don’t consider voter fraud to be bad. They don’t consider breaking laws to be bad. They have moral relativity. You are stupid. They know better than you do, what’s right for the country. They steal, cheat and lie and they are doing it for the better good, and it’s okay.

For instance, what we saw, and we will see this in 2012 and every election from the Democrats, they literally – and they all do this, ACORN and all of them drive down the streets of skid row and they pick up the drunks, the homeless people and offer them cigarettes and booze to get them in the van. And they get in the van, and they tell them who to vote for, they give them their cigarettes, their booze and their money and they drop them in the gutter. That’s okay, because they’ve helped someone go vote. The problem is, they’ve told them who to vote for. And they bought them things. They did that in Old Folks Homes, people with Alzheimers and people who no idea where they were. Drive them to the polls. Tell them to vote for Obama and take them back home.

That’s not cheating. That’s taking somebody to vote…

I don’t see Republican’s mentality doing that…

I have physically seen the ACORN and New Black Panther offices in Houston that Obama set up two years ago. They’ve been planning this fraud since the day he was elected. They are not going to let this go.

Horrible economy, destroying the country – they don’t care. He’s going to win one way or the other, so I really applaud people like Catherine Englebrecht who has in Houston, True the Vote. When November rolls around, she says she will have trained one million Poll Watchers, because now we have to watch what they do.

He [Obama] did something that was unprecedented, unheard of, amoral. …He had a mentor, a Black woman named Alice Palmer. She’s the one who asked Bill Ayers to throw the big coming-out political party in his living room [for Obama]. I know her. She actually became a Hillary supporter because of this [before Obama became an Illinois State Senator]. She decided to go run for Congress and she failed. She wanted her Senate seat back – Obama was running for her seat. She and four other people were on the ballot for that Senate seat. Obama hired a private detective and attorney to disqualify the petition signatures for ALL OF THE OTHER CANDIDATES. He ran unchallenged [for the Illinois Senate]. There’s video of this from MSNBC. He got five of his challengers booted off the ballot.

They had chosen him. I have an email from Donna Brazil back in 2004. They had chosen him and they weren’t going to let Hillary get in the way. They were going to lie, cheat no matter what. He was going to be the candidate no matter what anybody did.

The problem is, you can’t enforce the laws against the DNC, which is nothing but a crime syndicate. You can’t because it’s a private party. We tried hiring lawyers all over this country. We had a lawyer in Pasadena who was willing to try and sue them for what they did, but because they are a private party, they can have their nomination, their candidate, any way they want. It doesn’t matter that they lie, steal. What does matter, and Gloria Allred is in our film, and what is shameful about her – she’s shameful anyway, is as an attorney, she knew that in a lot of states in this country, it is against the law for a pledged delegate to change their vote. The delegate is to take the vote to the floor for their constitutents, and what the DNC did was force them to violate the will of the voters, and it didn’t matter. Gloria Allred was well aware of it.

I don’t have the answer to why, but Lake County, Indiana is a hot bed of fraud. In the General Election, when we were watching it…in our film, we …

I know more about Obama than I ever want to know. I mean I am so sacred that I know these things – that this country has this guy in our White House.

We had women from Trinity Church and in his District in Chicago. They have incredible – I spent hours talking to these women and you won’t believe who this person is, but…

Interviewer: In you film, you had to block their faces out, right?

Viviano: Yeah – in our film, the people who got it the worst were the Black people – we had to block their faces because they were so scared.

One of the women, who actually knows Obama pretty well – in Indiana, she walked up to the polling place, and two big huge massive Black kids were outside the door in lawnchairs, and they were screaming, “if you’re hear to vote for Hillary Clinton – expletive, “F-you,” “F-you,” “you won’t be voting today.” “Get out” And they were threatening bodily harm. A lot of these people were elderly and they would just turn around and not vote. They were too scared to go into the building.

Interviewer: Bettina, this film that you made, was it in movie theaters?

Viviano: No what happened was, we spent a ton of money getting it to a certain point. We thought the Democratic Party would do the right thing. We have a ton of footage left. We want to finish it, and interestingly enough, my partner on the film, who owns it with me, is a Democrat, and she is also a filmmaker. Somewhere along the way, she got scared while we were trying to nudge her to finish it.

We spent a lot of time with Andrew Breitbart who came to my office and sat for three hours about helping us put our film with his Pigford film. Now we know that is not going to happen. We have offers from PJ Media and other people to help us finish it.

For whatever reason, I can’t get my partner – she’s afraid, I think. She got all the threats. She is in the film business. You get blackballed if you don’t toe the line.

I wrote letters to everybody. I wrote letters to Dianne Feinstein (Senator) – letters to everybody and who cares if this guy is nothing but a two-bit Mafia thug and criminal. He no more belongs in that White House than my dog.

[There is some talk back and forth with several people about a 1990 headline saying Kenyan Born Barack Obama is elected to the Senate – the follwoing starts that portion of the conversation]

Viviano: Do you know who started it [“birther” talk?] Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. I heard it directly out of their mouths – he is not eligible. They knew it. Bill Clinton made a reference when he was being interviewed and somebody asked him: is Obama qualified to be President? And he told everybody to watch him do it, and he laughed and said: If’s he over 35 and a citizen of the United States, sure, why not – and he was smiling, because he knew. We were told repeatedly that Bill Clinton was going to tell the truth about it, and they threatened him. There’s no way this guy can be legit under the Constitution. He just can’t. It’s not being a “birther.”

The end of the loose, partial video transcript. Don’t forget to read the Viviano interview at GulagBound here.

Remember Bettina’s We Will Not Be Silenced? Read more about here here.

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Many thanks to David Lemon for the tip.

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Bettina Sofia Viviano – Hollywood Producer on Democrat Voter Fraud and Bill and Hillary Clinton (video)

  • The truth is if Obama is re-elected by fraud this time, the nation will be in civil war. We are heading for it very fast, too fast. Obama has angered the military, angered taxpayers and is driving a racial wedge in this nation.

    We either vote him out of office or take down the government.

    • findalis, I wouldn’t be surprised. What are the people to do when their country is overtaken, but to fight back.

  • Listening to Viviano, I felt her credibility in what she was relaying to the interviewers. It so angers me. We really need to put an end to this crap. I will vote on November 6th.. hope everyone else does to.. No weak turnouts this year people.. everyone needs to make their voices heard.

    • David, I felt the same. She came to my attention in Fall of last year and has another video or video series: We Will Not be Silenced. I think I posted at least one of them at the time. I’m going to repost. I am so interested in the women she interviewed at Trinity United Church of Christ. I hope he is successful in getting the film finished – quickly! Thanks again for the tip.

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  • Geo

    I believe that we are facing another wave election in ’12. In spite of everything the Republican party is doing to sabotage it. In the ’10 elections we had one of the biggest turn overs of the Congress in history. I havn’t seen anything indicating that, that angst has subsided. In fact I think it has intensified and voters can’t wait to get to the polls.

    One only needs to take a peek at what happened over in Austrailia in their [just held] elections. The Labour party [the dopey libs] were thrown out of office in droves. They now hold the fewest number of seats in history as the final epitaphs are being written. It would appear now that they will only occupy less than a dozen seats in total.

    The Prime Minister and the Labour party are carbon [no pun intended] copies of che obaMAO over here. They pushed a radical green policy that the people are now being severly punished [in the pockets] for now. Their immigration policy pretty much mirrors our own. And the voters made their voices heard. Their Labour party is our dimoCrap party here. They threw the bums out.

    A article from Anthony Watts explains some of the anger that cause this…..

    Eco-rout down under: ‘A mini-van will have more seats than the Labour party in the new parliament.’

    By the time the temperatures cool from the civil unrest from the long hot summer we are about to embark on, there will be just enough time for the blood pressures of American Patriots to rise come November and make their feeling known.

    For the time being the benefactors just so happen to be the Republican party in spite of themselves. They had better start paying attention, because eventually the anger is going to spill over to them.

    • Geo, it certainly seems that this time is a no-brainer. I am hoping your assessment is spot on, and how true that the Republican party shoot themselves in the foot and still manages to limp along – or at least it looks that way. I’ll check out the WattsUpWithThat link. Thanks!

  • “Viviano: I’m going to tell you the difference. Democrats don’t consider voter fraud to be bad. They don’t consider breaking laws to be bad. They have moral relativity. You are stupid. They know better than you do, what’s right for the country. They steal, cheat and lie and they are doing it for the better good, and it’s okay.”

    THAT, in that one paragraph sums up just who our enemy is and why, who our Country’s enemy is.

    • Hi Holger, as I was listening to the video, I couldn’t help how all of us have said these things so many time. The difference with Bettina is she was in the middle of it, saw it happen and also had that time with the Clintons. She pegged today’s Democrats. They’ve been brewing since the Clinton impeachment, and the Al Gore unelection set them on fire.

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  • Hurray for Bettina Viviano.

  • Kent Betts

    “I heard it directly out of their mouths – he is not eligible.” What we have is some sort of distilled form of sheer insanity. Bill Clinton gave a politic remark, not wanting to render an opinion on Obama’s qualifications, so he gave the Constitutional requirement. It isn’t that complicated. If the Clinton’s meant to say he was ineligble, the would say “He is ineligle.” It’s called English.

    • Kent Betts, could be. As Clinton said “depends on what the meaning of is is.”