Angela Morabito: Georgetown College Conservative Answers Sandra Fluke Welfare Condom Queen

Angela Morabito is a Georgetown University student – a University newly famous courtesy of “student club leader ” Sandra Fluke, representing Law School Reproductive Justice (LSRJ). Most of you know the story of Fluke’s “testimony” before the House Democrat Steering and Policy Committee, but if you missed it, read it here. Ms. Morabito sums up Fluke’s exposition on the sexual activity of Georgetown women by saying Sandra Fluke does not speak for her…

UPDATE 3-5-12: Limbaugh defecting sponsor Carbonite Online Backup stock drops to 52-week low.

UPDATE: 3-7-12 12:16 p.m. CDT: Check out The Carbonite Accountability Project here.

UPDATE 3-7-12 12:30 p.m. CDT: About the word “slut”…

Sandra Fluke’s math reconciled here – guess what? She was right.

Angela Morabito

Or for Georgetown.

She doesn’t speak for those of us who worked hard to be able to choose to come to a great institution with a great tradition of faith and scholarship. She certainly can’t speak for the Jesuits who dedicated their lives to God and Education with a long established set of rules. There are only ten of them, and Ms. Fluke would do well to give them a quick read.

If she wants a more liberal sex life, she can go to Syracuse. (Syracuse, I must apologize – but we are in March and basketball matters – sorry you got caught up in this.)

Sandra doesn’t even speak for all skanks!  She only speaks for the skanks who don’t want to take responsibility for their choices.  That’s a tiny group of people.  Hey Sandra!  How about next Saturday night, you come hang out with me and my gay boyfriends!  Your hair will look fabulous and you’ll get to see great musical theatre!  Oh, and odds of you getting pregnant?  Zero percent.

Even the oh-so-left HuffPo called Sandra out on her media sluttery:  ”Fluke got the stage all to herself and was hailed as a hero by the crowd and Democratic lawmakers on the panel, all of whom rushed to appear on camera with her at the end. “Excuse me. I’d love to get a picture with our star,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) said as she pushed her way through the packed room to Fluke.” Star of what? Star of the bedroom sex tape? When did Georgetown Law start admitting Kardashians?

Sandra, we might be on the same campus, but we are not on the same planet.

Sandra told some sob stories about how contraception isn’t covered by the Jesuit institution we attend. (Maybe they don’t cover it because, you know, they’re a Jesuit institution. Religious freedom? Anyone? Bueller?)

A student group called Plan A H*yas for Choice staged a demonstration against the university health plan last year, duct taping their mouths and chaining themselves to the statue of Georgetown’s founder on the university’s front lawn. Then, a funny thing happened – nothing. We left them there. Now Sandra has chained herself to the sinking ship of Pelosi Liberalism. She will always be remembered as a Welfare Condom Queen…

Funny how the same side that cries “Get your rosaries off my ovaries” is the same side saying, “on second thought…please pay for me to have all the sex I want!” The people who espouse “pro-choice” “values” are the same people who say religious institutions have no right to choose. Source: The College Conservative – Angela Morabito

I missed the HuffPo piece. Who knew they could get it right?

Georgetown University, for all their Jesuit background, is supporting Fluke’s “civil discourse.” 

In recent days, a law student of Georgetown, Sandra Fluke, offered her testimony regarding the proposed regulations by the Department of Health and Human Services before a group of members of Congress.  She was respectful, sincere, and spoke with conviction.  She provided a model of civil discourse.  This expression of conscience was in the tradition of the deepest values we share as a people. One need not agree with her substantive position to support her right to respectful free expression.  And yet, some of those who disagreed with her position – including Rush Limbaugh and commentators throughout the blogosphere and in various other media channels – responded with behavior that can only be described as misogynistic, vitriolic, and a misrepresentation of the position of our student.  ~ John J. DeGioia, President Georgetown University

To Mr. DeGioia, what do you think constitutes Reproductive Justice? Don’t we have to ask what is civil about me paying for your/her/their birth control? Then there’s the issue of Fluke’s lie. She went before Congress saying that it costs Georgetown women $3000 for contraception during their 3 years in Law School. Ridiculous and a bald lie – a lie before Congress.

In the meantime, Obama called Sandra Fluke to make sure she’s doing okay and no doubt apologized for the rednecks who are shocked by the idea of “Reproductive Justice.” Rush Limbaugh has apologized for referring to her as a “slut.” He lost at least two sponsors, Carbonite Online Backup and Sleep Number Mattresses. Ed Schultz has not apologized for calling Laura Ingraham a “slut,” Bill Maher hasn’t apologized for calling Sarah Palin a “dumb twat,” and Obama didn’t call Ingraham or Palin to soothe their emotions with the weight of the presidency. The good news: no one died after the Fluke apology.

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  • MizDi

    Well said!

  • Charlyne G.

    Well said and thanks for having the courage to stand up and say what’s right. My thoughts….she plays, she pays. Not us, we have enough to do to try and preserve what is right in this country and begin to address the destructive path that political correctness has put us on.

  • Maritza

    I am absolutely happy to see there are still women with courage to defend us women! Well said Angela!!! Next thing on the slut’s agenda is Playboy! This way, the circle will be closed.

  • Maritza

    Clarification, before I start getting all kinds of comments: Slut = Sandra Fluke Amazing decent woman = Angela Morabito

  • nick

    What a bunch of idiots you are. Fluke never said anything about taxpayers paying for contraceptives. She was speaking about HEALTH INSURANCE coverage for contraceptives. Nor did Fluke say anything about her own sex life. Her testimony regarded someone she knows who need birth control medication not simply to prevent pregnancy but for a MEDICAL condition. Aside from that you thick headed idiots can’t even understand that benefits society economically to require health insurance to provide coverage for contraceptives thus helping to prevent unplanned pregnancies. You are all likely the same idiots who don’t appreciate the contradiction that most insurers will cover viagra, which has no purpose other than to facilitate sexual activity. Yet I doubt any of you morons would make the same insulting comments about a man getting viagra with his insurance that you have said about women.

    • Shadi Sidarous

      1. The fact that Fluke said nothing about her own sex life is one problem. If she doesn’t need it for a medical condition, why is she testifying?
      2. Viagra treats a medical condition. To my knowledge, ovulation has not yet been classified as a medical illness.
      3. Birth control can be covered if it’s classified as hormonal therapy. But the prevalence of it’s uses for this purpose are probably as inflated as the number of guys who claim to read Playboy for its great articles.

      4. To expose the hypocrisy of the liberal left, let’s change the subject ever so slightly. What if we weren’t talking about contraception, but instead infertility. A condition that requires tens of thousands of dollars for each treatment with no guarantee of results. Currently no part of the treatment is covered by insurance. The conservative stance remains consistent, it’s a personal matter that needs to be handled both morally and financially by the individual. Would the liberal response be consistent? That the condition is unfairly burdensome to towards the poor and should therefore be covered by insurance? I suspect not.

      • Yo

        1) This isn’t a point, it’s a question.
        2) Erectile Dysfunction is a medical condition? A Medical Condition? Please. It might be a medical condition if it prevents you from having children. I might buy that. If you believe that being unable to perform the sexual act for some other purpose is a medical condition, I could not disagree with you more.
        3) Ah, I see. You’ve answered the ‘point’ you’ve raised in number 1, above, by making the airtight argument that the statistics are inflated based on absolutely no supporting information. Brilliant analysis.
        4) Great, let’s pay for it. Way to describe this point as changing the subject “ever so slightly.” Because hey, preventing unplanned pregnancy and helping to facilitate pregnancy are virtually identical concepts because they involve pregnancy. Because there is no way, under any school of thought, a conservative or liberal person might be able to suss out an ideological difference between the two. Heck, let’s put in adoption, abortion, and WIC programs in there, too, because without pregnancy, none of those issues would matter. Thus, they differ only “ever so slightly.”

        In all seriousness, I think answering the question you pose in # 4 requires a question about basic principles. If you believe that preventing unplanned pregnancy is more important than facilitating the pregnancies of every infertile woman in the country, I think you can take that position without being hypocritical. If you take the position that access to contraception is a right that ought to be given to all women, you should be free to have that opinion without being accused of hypocrisy for not also having the same opinion about infertile women who want to become pregnant. They’re not the same thing.

        I’m not going to accuse the ‘conservative right’ of hypocrisy — I respect your opinions and I share many concerns about 1) the concept of universal health care at all and 2) rights of religious freedom. Defining everyone who disagrees with you as ‘other’ by defining them as the ‘liberal left’ precludes you from really having a conversation.

        • Shadi Sidarous

          I will grant you that I assume all who argue for universal birth control are on the liberal left even though they may not be. But it is the liberal left who passes these laws or proposes these actions be taken. And the disguise the true purpose of the law. In this case, they want want us to believe that because 14% (a number I find dubious and will explain why shortly) of the birth control using population (not all women) has a need for the drug as hormone therapy, that it needs to be made a mandatory coverage for everyone. Think about that for a moment… it would be like saying because 14% of the nation’s nose jobs are necessary to fix a defect that all nose jobs need to be covered! Birth control is a lifestyle choice. Are we going to cover prophylactics next? It’s insane!!

          I share your opinion about ED… but the medical community does classify it as a condition. And as my wife is a pharmacist, she has confirmed that less then 10% of her patients who use Viagra, have any type of insurance coverage. 90% pay full price out of pocket.

          You are right, I gave no supporting information before only because my time was short. Let me do so now. The most recent study that the left loves to quote was conducted in November by the Guttmacher Institute, a direct arm of Planned Parenthood (not the most unbiased organization). The study included 1600 girls age 15 – 19, and 95% of them said they use birth control for “other” reasons. My conclusion was that these girls would be a little too embarrassed to truthfully answer this question. You draw your own conclusions.

          I think you missed the conclusion for my last point. The ideological difference is precisely why I used it. A conservative would be consistent: No to birth control coverage, no to fertility treatments. Some would argue that they are moral opposites (preventing life vs. assisting it). Some would argue they are moral equivalents (interfering in God’s will). But politically, it comes down to freedom and choice for both the individual and society. Those opposed can refrain from supporting it, and those in favor can give up a latte a day to pay for it.

  • Hoya

    Angela Morabito does not speak for Georgetown. I’m ashamed that you can call yourself a Hoya.

    • Shane Leiser

      Your statement implies that Sandra Fluke DOES speak for Georgetown???? You must be very proud to have this morally bankrupt woman as the university’s spokesperson…………Angela, I would be proud to have you represent my university or community any day!! You are a gem, and my thanks to your parents for raising a daughter with values………

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  • Cassie

    Wow, Angela Morabito is just about as disgusting as Rush Limbaugh. Since when is it okay for a Christian to refer to someone as a slut or a “skank”? It seems to me that seeking birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy, is a responsible choice to make. Less unwanted pregnancy means less abortion, seems like common sense to me. Like Nick said, insurance companies pay for Viagra, and nobody expects them to tell men that if they are going to play they have to pay.

    Finally, I want to point out that some religions and denominations to not believe in other forms of healthcare but are still expected to provide insurance that covers it. For example, Scientology rejects most forms of health care, and all forms of mental health care. So, sorry if your boss is a scientologist, guess you don’t get to go to the doctor!

    How dumb.

    • Seek birth control all you want. Just don’t force people pay for it.

    • I had to go back and add this: you know what’s “dumb”? Believing that evil Republicans want to take away your birth control.

  • Russell Young

    In all of this discussion about contraception costs, where is the “boyfriend”. Is not one of the poor coeds worth $20/week for a regular roll in the hay??

    • Shadi Sidarous

      Boyfriends are too burdensome, these girls are free spirits, they can’t be satisfied with one guy! And it’s sexist to think that they need a guy to care of them! By the way, this in no way should lead to the conclusions that these women are what Rush Limbaugh called them.

  • Bob Weil

    Angela Morabito is a real class act – calling Sandra Fluke a skank.
    The GOP & her church can have her & her narrow little mind!

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  • Many thanks for the link, Maggie. I rally appreciate it.

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  • CWS

    “If you take the position that access to contraception is a right that ought to be given to all women”.

    You are missing the point entirely!

    Every woman in this country has the “right” to birth control. Every woman has access to birth control. There is no law I know of that says any woman cannot freely go somewhere and purchase or recieve birth ontrol. A mentally disabled woman with the IQ of a 5 year old could even get birth control…there is NOTHING or NO LAW that says otherwise.

    The point IS…… get your birth control from wherever you want just don’t ask ME or anyone else to pay for it. Costs to cover this will be paid for by all who are in the plan so the idea that it’s only the company that will pay is a bold faced lie. There is no war against women except in the distorted minds of liberal morons!!

    Female liberal morons do not speak for all women. Some of us actually are able to think and protect ourselves!! Thank you Angela for taking a stand aginst this pitiful moron and her ignorant supporters!

  • I agree with most of the comments that have been said of this forum. I was somewhat confused when all this mess came about, so I started digging around, first of all I found what Rush Limbough said about Sandra Fluke very discusting, and yes he should have appolized which he did. The other thing that bothered me was it was implied that insurance companies don’t over any form of birth control, this is a lie, they do. I know of a young woman who just had a baby about 8 mts ago and her husband and her have blue cross and blue shield, and thay decided that they do not want any more children at this time, the insurance company paid for her to have an IUD put in, I also know another young woman who works for an insurnce company, she is very high up in the insuranse company called Cigna, and she told me that yes insurance companies do pay for birth control. Yes has to travel all over the states to set up training classes for insurance personal to sell insurance and how to write up a policy. I do not understand why soemone would go to a religous college and expect them to pay for their contraceptives in the first place. Also I have never heard of any college religous or not that even offers insurnace to students, much less pay for everything.

  • kristen

    1. Going to Georgetown to learn how to be Jesuit makes as much sense as attending church to learn how to be a lawyer.
    2. Religious freedom? What about my constitutionally protected right not to believe? How dare you demand I accommodate your beliefs in the same breath you use to deny mine.
    3. I’m concerned on your admittance to Georgetown. Lack of critical thought, reason, logic, decency, and truth in this article is shameful. Please cite from Ms. Fluke’s testimony where she demands subsidy for her sex life. Go ahead. God help us all if you decide to be a journalist.
    4. Conservatives are terrible Christians. How ardently would Jesus, befriender of literal prostitutes, defend Rush’s comments? Or do you genuinely think he’d give you and Rush a pass on the whole “love thy enemy” thing just this once? God. The hypocrisy is so apparent its offensive you claim to be a Christian at all.

  • kristen

    Also, since students have to pay the premium, deductions and copayments themselves, asking that birth control be added is not asking anyone to pay for it. Seriously. The policy is on the internet. Secondly, have any of you bothered to research how the catholics and jesuits feel about medical exemptions for birth control? They’re fine with it. Yeah. That’s right. Something you would know if you bothered to use your brain. Idiots. The lot of you.

    • Kristen, Bottom line: Yes taxpayers will pay for it, because when the insurance provider takes the responsibility, it will be spread across the cost of everyone’s premiums. When something has a cost somewhere, nothing is free.

      Jesus didn’t ask anyone to pay for birth control. You call us idiots and invoke the name of Jesus Christ?

  • kristen

    Maggie, you are an exemplary representative of the problem.
    1. Please cite where I said Jesus would agree that you should pay anyone’s healthcare. Way to just make things up to fit your preconceived narrative.
    2. If the insurance company passes this cost to you instead of those demanding the service then your problem should be with them, not Ms. Fluke. They control that, not her. Your anger is misplaced because you are not thinking critically.

  • Kristen, your intimation was that Jesus befriended prostitutes, and it was a rebuke to “us.” I believe Rush would rebuke both the prostitute and Rush. That’s why Rush apologized. He realized he went too far.

    No Kristen, you will have the same problem. No one will ever know bc is added to EVERY insurance premium from every insurance company. Companies don’t give away products for free unless the Government owns the company.

    If you want to talk about thinking critically, then talk about the men who have not apologized – Maher and Letterman. Without that conversation don’t return to continue your current one.