Andrew Joe Dennehy Tulsa Court House Plaza Shooter in Critical Condition

The shooter on the Tulsa Court House and Library City Plaza today is identified as Andrew “Joe” Dennehy. He is reported in critical condition and in Intensive Care. A wedding performed on the Plaza was just over, when the shots rang out. It’s not clear whether Dennehy was targeting anyone in particular or firing aimlessly. At some point he sat down, then stood up and pointed his gun at police or sheriff’s deputies. A Sheriff’s Deputy was hit in both hands, a female bystander was hit. Their wounds are not believed to life threatening.

Andrew Joe Dennehy


Dennehy has a criminal past:

Dennehy has a criminal past showing he’s never spent time in prison but received several deferred or suspended sentences or had them dropped.

Records show in 2007, when Dennehy was 19, he was convicted of carrying a firearm while under the influence in CreekCounty, a misdemeanor. Also in 2007, in Tulsa County, he received a deferred sentence for marijuana. In 2008, in TulsaCounty he was given a suspended sentence for drunk driving and in 2010, he was convicted of misdemeanor public intoxication in Okmulgee County…

Records show the shooting suspect’s brother, Brian Dennehy, was killed in a gunfight with a Tulsa police officer in August, 2005.

Brian Dennehy was wanted by police in Oklahoma City for beating his 81-year-old grandfather to death.

Police and Sheriff’s Deputies were swarming the area. It’s certainly a tough place to pick your battles as both have headquarters inside the courthouse building, just steps away. Maybe Dennehy had a suicide wish.

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