American Idol Jermaine Jones Drug Busts, Open Container, False Names, Outstanding Warrants

Jermaine Jones, the 25-year-old American Idol in the final 12 – the one with the big and very deep voice, has been bumped off the show after outstanding warrants for his arrest were discovered.

Jermaine Jones

It was odd to see this very, very big guy in tears several times as the Idol auditions were underway. He was not chosen to go to Hollywood but was a wild card pick, and in the latest eliminations, he made the Final 12 and through the first night’s competition.

Jermaine Jones, 25, is wanted in three separate counties for failing to appear in court on a variety of criminal charges dating back to 2006, according to court records. His two most recent arrests came last year in Camden County, where he works as a vocal instructor.

The oldest warrant stems from a 2006 narcotics bust in Salem County. Jones’s next collar came in 2008 in Woodbury, where he was cited on an open container charge. In 2009 he was nabbed for providing cops with a false name in Winslow Township. Read the full story here.

Jermaine Jones on American Idol – My Father and I (video)

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  • I watched that segment last night on American Idol where the two producers, I think that’s who they were, read off the reason why Jones was being let go. That was a very strange segment. Very strange. I must believe that A.I. vets all their entrants who get to be finalists. They have to.
    They brought back Jones, after he was let go the first time, because he didn’t make the grade. I believe this was a set up at the expense of Jones, to make headlines now. If that’s the case, it saddens me. I love that show. I love watching obscure talent, given the chance of a life time, to get recording contracts. Sad

    • David, they were kind in that they didn’t mention the 4 drug busts, but I do believe they did it in a way to gain viewers. Since they have been “there” before, I bet the paperwork insists that you disclose. I understand that he got caught by saying his father abandoned him. The dad called him out on it, and that’s how they began looking into his background.

      I love it too. Love Phillip Phillips, Holly and Jessica. I thought Shannon had a sure shot until she got on the stage with her ballads. She was really steered the wrong way. She has an amazing voice for blues and soul. Very sad about her. Joshua also great but didn’t have the greatest performance ever, as Jennifer suggested. It may have been one of the best but Adam Lambert comes to mind, along with Carrie Underwood.

      • Your better with the names than I am.. I remember faces. I’m always amazed at how those with talent shine so brightly when in the company of terrible amatures.