Amanda Clayton Wins $1M Lottery – Still Using Food Stamps

Michigan woman Amanda Clayton won a Million dollar lottery in Michigan last Fall. Today she is still using the $200/monthly Michigan Bridge Card (welfare, Government assistance, food stamps). See, she doesn’t have a job and she has been really, really busy. She paid cash for a new home. Still has the one she owned before she hit the jackpot. Bought a new car too. That’s what I would do if I won big time. I still drive a shiny black 1999 Acura RL that I purchased new. It looks like it just rolled off the assembly line and I’ve just crossed 70,000 miles. But if I won the lottery….

UPDATE 3-8-12, 3p.m. CDT: Neal Cavuto has just announced on Fox that Amanda Clayton’s “Michigan Bridge Card” (food stamps) has been pulled and it is possible she could face charges and be forced to pay back the money she took illegally. I’ll believe it when that happens.

Amanda Clayton


After taking the lump sum she had $700,000 and then with taxes, says she ended up with a little over half a million dollars.

“I thought that they would cut me off, but since they didn’t, I thought maybe it was okay because I’m not working,” she said…

“I feel that it’s okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay,” she said. “I have two houses.”…

Unless the law changes, it doesn’t look like lottery winners will be changing their ways. Clayton said she will keep using her Bridge card until the state cuts her off. She said it’s because she deserves it.

“It’s just hard, you know. I’m struggling,” she said.

Someone turned her in. Good for them. It takes legislation, of course, to fix this niggling problem of screwing the taxpayer. Surely, when Clayton signed up for assistance, she signed something saying she had no other income, and no wealth to see her through. Now that she has it, wouldn’t you think she is bound by law to notify authorities? What an ignorant country we have become. See the video here.  Thanks to The Lonely Conservative

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  • Thank goodness someone turned her in. Heaven knows how many others are milking the system.

    • TCL, now she must pay the people of Mass. Michigan back and be penalized and banned from assistance for her criminal behavior. That will happen if there is any justice in Massachusetts Michigan.

      • Pfft

        Why would Mass care what she does? She won the money in Michigan.

        • Pfft – oh so sorry, you are right. I said Michigan in the story. Again sorry! I’ll change it in the comment.

  • This piece of white trash should not only be made to turn over her benefit card she should also be compelled to reimburse Michigan for her gross misuse of its’ social services.

    • Christopher, I agree with all you’ve said, but I don’t think it will happen. Deval Patrick is Governor and Clayton is a voter. Sorry, I had Massachusetts on my mind. We are talking about Michigan here, which had the good sense to replace Democrat Jennifer Granholm. Maybe all the publicity surrounding this story will get his attention. There is legislation, so maybe…

      • Christopher, I had Massachusetts on my mind. Deval Patrick is not Governor in Michigan, Rick Snyder, Republican is. I was having an email conversation about similar welfare scams in Massachusetts. So sorry. I’m correcting my earlier comment. Again, sorry for the confusion.

    • All services should be cut immediately, a hold on all of her accounts, a lien on her home, then a bill for services rendered.

      Nothing lifted, nothing returned to her until she pays the TAXPAYER back.

    • D

      I am a diaabled vet and I get 1200 a month and don’t qualify. It’s tough. I demand a fine and she work in a food bank or soup kitchen.

  • Oh come on yous guys … she’s a very hungry girl.

    • woodsterman, I wonder how long it has been since she looked for a job?

  • D

    They really need to put her in protective custody or she wont live long I fear. I imagine she is long gone and no one knows where she is. Human garbage biotch!

  • wow no wounder this country broke thanks to people like that robbing tax payer

  • Izzat Yoo

    This bimbo has two houses and she gets assistance??? “‘Cuz I deserve it..'” I agree, put a lien on the houses until she pays back what she won from the lottery. she has that deer in the headlights look during the interview and she knows she got caught, but dares you to do anything. Why doesnt social services act on this immediately? This woman is a greedy snake

  • Izzat Yoo

    Sorry, I dint mean payback of what she won from the lottery. It should have read “any benefits she received from social services AFTER

  • nighat

    Dear Amanda Clayton With best wishes
    Dear Amanda Clayton many many congratulation for winning 1 million Dollars
    I say good wishes for you in future. I am disabled woman having 2 school going children my husband is almost jobless.
    My right leg was cut from my hip joint when I was 16 years of age and now I am 43 years of and I am using damage artificial right leg and in much painful condition both health wise and financially.
    Kindly dear Amanda Clayton help me financially So I repair or replace my old damage leg and take medicine regularly.And give my 2 children 2 time regular food and Education.
    Sincerely Yours
    Nighat Shakeel
    Sialkot city

  • The most- important fact in this case is over looked by almost everyone.

    Revealed in the very same interview with Ms. Clayton, is her statement that she, “..owed and PAID $500,000 in back taxes and welfare to the governent.”

    WIith moochers like that, who needs corporate tax- payers or TIFs?

    If I were Ms. Clayton, I would have told that reporter:

    “If you wanna gimme back my $500,000 in taxes, I’ll more than happy to give you back your G.D. food stamps! Until then, GIT OUTTA MY FACE, F-ER!”

    The bIggest problem in this country is that people are told that they are unworthy. Someone needs to tell them that they have a lot to offer, they are worthy and they shouldn’t allow ANY one to make them feel guilty about making the best of what is offered.

    Walk a mile in my shoes.

    • Foster, I didn’t see that, but if she owed back taxes, they should be paid. That’s a completely separate issue from winning a $1M lottery and continuing to take Government assistance.

      If the $500,000 refers to taxes due on the $1M, I agree it is way too much, but if it is the law, then it’s the law.
      None of that excuses her taking Government assistance.

  • nighat

    Dear Amanda Clayton kindly reply me I am waiting for your reply impatiently
    I have told you all my sarrows and painful condition of my health and starvation of my children.
    Yours nighat shakeel

  • Andrea Larsen

    Amanda Clayton’s down on Livernois buying heroin right now, I know the whore personally. I babysat her children, her daughter is my neice. That self centered bitch wouldn’t pay for a heart attack victoms nitroglycerin if they were having a heart attack on the street corner. I guarantee she wouldn’t even buy you a bandaid if you stubbed your toe. She’s a taker not a giver. If you go to Fort St. & Southfield in Lincoln Park, you might find her passed out behind the store. Whoever was talking about all the taxes she paid misunderstood it, she didn’t pay back a penny. If you need a bag of weed she lives on Ann St. She has that heroin too. Enough about the grimey little scum bag whore, just get your facts straight people.

    • Andrea Larson, how would we know “facts” about Amanda Clayton and anything other than her scamming taxpayers?