Alexandra Pelosi: Freeloading Welfare Queens Getting Obama Bucks, Checks, Stuff, Stamps, Whatever they Got to Offer – Racist Rednecks Vote Republican

In this video filmed by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra, she and Bill Maher chat on the set of Maher’s show. Earlier she went to Mississippi and filmed a toothless man and others the elite Left can laugh at. She sums up Mississippi as racist rednecks voting Republican. She is with Maher to preview another video she filmed across the street from her New York home at the local Welfare office. She sees a vote against Obama by Mississippi voters, just as absurd as the comments from those lined up for welfare.  According to Maher and Pelosi, Mississippians are racists. New Yorkers…entitled, because after all, we spend billions more on defense than we do on food stamps.

Some highlights and quotes in case the video does not work, in which case, you can view it here.: 

● Alexandra interviews her doorman, who sees the drama going on across the street every day. Maher says, hey in New York City, doormen are not Black. Pelosi says something like, yeah, but he’s not voting for Obama, and yet his entire family is Democrat. Her intimation is that the doorman is just a doorman. Should be a blue collar kind of guy who would definitely vote Obama. But he isn’t.

● I’m here trying to get some Obama bucks, some Obama money.

● Who are you going to vote for in this election: Obama, cause he’s Black.

● You are a healthy young man. Why aren’t you working right now?  “My background. Once you go to jail, it’s hard to get a job.

● I am here to get some benefits. Know what I mean? I’m here to get a check. I want a check…

● What kind of benefits are you getting? “Whatever the hell they’ve got to offer, like I don’t even know. I’m just here to get what I can get.”

● How long has it been since you actually worked? “ah, about half a decade.”

● Why should my tax money be going to you? “Only because my ancestors came here and helped build this place.” “My ancestors, the slaves.

● Alexandra asks a young woman, “tell me why you are voting for Obama.” “Because he gives me stuff.” What benefits are you getting? “Food stamps. It’s just food.

● What are you here to get from the Government? “All I get – stamps, public assistance, [Inaudible]. We call it money in the box or bottle or bubble???…[inaudible]”

● How many children do you have?” “Five.” “By how many mothers.” “four baby mammas.”

● Do you really want to work, or do you just want a check? “I just want a check.”

● Do you have any intention of getting a job? “Not looking for a job, a career maybe, but not a job.

Thanks to BreitbartTV.

Linked at KatyPundit in a great Monday news roundup – if you haven’t seen the three old boy, in a cast and wheelchair patted down by the TSA, view it here.

Alexandra Pelosi Interviews the New York City Welfare Line (video)

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  • If racist rednecks vote Republican, it’s certainly disturbing. However, not all Republicans are racist, and the fact that some are tells us nothing about policy. However, if some people are freeloading welfare queens, we need to change our entitlement policies. That some of the freeloading welfare queens are racist doesn’t tell us anything about policy either… and it is equally disturbing.
    Just my thought…

    • edge, Pelosi tried not to say that all from Mississippi are the same as those few shown in her video, but still yet intimated that more than those in the video are racist rednecks voting Republican. It’s all disturbing. Of those from Mississippi, I think only one got food stamps, and it was apparent that he needed assistance. He was older and not in good health. Those she talked to in New York were young and healthy – and they feel they are owned. It’s a big difference between the two. The only policy is to get votes.

      • True. Also I don’t see a problem with people who say that they vote Bible and not food stamps. This is how it’s supposed to be: Vote your consciousness, not monetary interest.

  • How about we get rid of welfare and make these idiots work or starve? I am sick of paying taxes so they can freeload off of me.

    • Dittos here, findalis.

  • I hate the Pelosis- the enemy within if ever there was one

    • Ditto: Double Ditto – evil as Hell itself. Can’t stand that botox bitch and her daughter is no better. Disgusting to even put whart her name in the news,
      Who cares!!!!!!!!!

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  • I believe, if you receive welfare, or your on a public assistance, you should lose your ability to vote. When you start earning a living again, and paying bills, as well as taxes, you should then receive that privilege back. This would eliminate the possibility of idiots like those in the video from ever keeping in power those who give them Obama checks, or Obama money ever again.
    If you are illegally in the USA, you should not be able to vote. We need voter ID’s issued to everyone off welfare, and to everyone, legally in the USA. I have to have one for the privilege to drive.. Voting is a right, earned by being a citizen of the USA. Maybe that last statement negates my first. OH well.. lol

    • David Lemon, I.D. to vote is a necessity, just as a fence at the border is a necessity and a no-brainer. Only those wanting the ability to cheat, are against either. Oklahoma has a new voter I.D. law. We can show our Driver’s License with photo or our State Issued Voter Registration card. On SuperTuesday, two women also checked my signature.

      • We have to show ID as well here.. even though everyone knows me.. they check it anyway… I love freedom.. and the ability to vote, knowing that a dead person hasn’t voided my vote.

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