Afghanistan Gen Mark Gurganus: Disarmed Marines to Look Like Afghan Partners

Well. Wow. Armed U.S. Marines were already in a tent today to hear Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta speak, and were abruptly told to walk their weapons outside and leave them there before re-entering. This is not the usual drill. Generally Afghans are unarmed and U.S. Military are armed.

I wanted to have the Marines look just like their Afgan partners ~ Maj. Gen. Mark Gurganus

Panetta’s flight landed in Afghanistan today with a speeding pick-up truck hurtling down a ramp alongside the runway. The truck crashed into a ditch and the driver received treatment for burns. Fox News is, this moment, announcing that the driver was an interpreter at Camp Bation where Panetta landed. When he crashed he jumped out of the truck with a gasoline can and a lighter and set himself on fire. In the same report, Panetta was in Afghanistan to try to negotiate immunity for U.S. soldiers in that country. Right.

According to the General, the disarming had nothing to do with the flaming interpreter or with the soldier who left his base and killed 16.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook



  • Unbelievable! A Marine General disarms his own men in a hostile environment to make them look like the Afghans.

    • jeff

      I knew this guy in the 80’s, he’s only protecting his career and legacy. He should retire.

      • Sounds like you and FaceCard below know this guy and have him pegged well. Unfortunately, there are too many officers willing to sacrifice their men to further their careers.

  • FaceCard

    I served with this Marine when he was Battalion commander of 3/6. The only thing this guy cares about is his next promotion. He’ll fit in well with this administration. We couldn’t wait until he was promoted to full bird so he would leave. The quotes he gives tell the story. Hope he put on lipstick before he kissed that A&**.

  • Sim Beaty

    I am amazed that this so called general is still wearing his stars, to distrust your Marines in such a way as to bring shame on them. To unarm those that protect!!!! Get a grip General, you sir are an embarrassment to the Corps! What a sad imitation of a Marine General.