Afghan Soldier Kills Two Brit NATO Soldiers? Afghan Insurgent Kills Two British NATO Soldiers?

This is another incidence of a member of the Afghan security force turning his weapon on two British soldiers who were serving with the NATO coalition. The difference, the Afghani is dead this time, as NATO forces returned fire. It’s possible that the killer was actually an insurgent, and not a Afghan soldier, but it’s almost impossible to distinguish the difference over ‘there,’ where military uniforms are available in the marketplace. The shooting took place at the main base Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province. See an UPDATE below.

Details were still sketchy about Monday morning’s attack. The U.S.-led coalition said in a statement that an individual wearing an Afghan soldier’s uniform turned his weapon against international troops. NATO forces then returned fire.

“The gunman was shot and killed,” said coalition spokesman Maj. Jason Waggoner. He declined to provide further details.

Since 2007, Afghan security force attacks on coalition troops have resulted in the deaths of more than 75 NATO service members and the wounding of more than 110 others, according to the Pentagon. More than 75% of the attacks have occurred in the past two years.

It is also possible that the assailant was an insurgent who donned an Afghan army uniform to get into the base or to get closer to his targets. Army uniforms are readily available in Afghan markets and militants have used the tactic in the past to launch sneak attacks. Source: USA Today

UNBELIEVABLE: Bunkerville is reporting that Obama has offered Afghan President Hamid Kharzai a restriction on our troop’s night raids,  by requiring a WARRANT to be issued for the raid begins. Read it here. This is apparently a part of the groveling after Sgt. Bales killed 16 Afghans. He was not participating in a night raid. So…. ? Just further evidence that we are not fighting a war.