A Prayer

A reminder to say a prayer for all those who have died,

For all those who have lost all they own,

For those who are hiding in fear due to their weather.

Through out the Midwest and the South the tornado sirens are sounding.

A reported tornado touched down in Alabama on Friday, destroying homes between Athens and eastern Limestone County, emergency officials said.

There was no immediate word on any injuries, but the Huntsville-Madison County Emergency Management Office said ambulances are responding to neighborhoods near Huntsville. A state corrections official also said a reported twister hit the Limestone Correctional Facility in northern Alabama.

Thousands of Alabama schoolchildren have been ordered to leave school early because of the threat of tornadoes and other severe weather across the northern half of the state.

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The weather report for tonight is snow in many areas, rain in others.  If you are in harm’s way, stay inside, stay safe, stay dry.

  • Thanks for your prayers. Ooltewah was right in the center of the storm. We live just a little ways away from Harrison Bay where it is leveled. Looking out my front porch yesterday the Tornado was whirling, spinning toward the houses across the street right above the trees. I rebuked the storm in Jesus Name and it immediately turned going the other way. I thank God for that as Jesus Christ said: we have the power (authority) to do use our God given faith. Matthew says that Jesus said to them, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid? … Matthew: 8: 23-27 Jesus rebuked the storm He said, “Peace! Be still! …. We as believers can do the same. I did.

    Don’t just pray, believe when you pray – then don’t forget to Thank God, AMEN!