Virginia Goes Ron Paul? Confusion to the Enemy – Them and Us.

With only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on the Virginia ballot, the plan to derail Romney is for you, there in Virginia, to cast your primary vote for Ron Paul, and deny Romney the electoral votes, but doing nothing for Ron Paul in the race to the nomination. The Conservative blogosphere is belching Romney-resistance. The dawning of a third party…next time around, is on the horizon, with the naming of such a party being chatted. I favor The Conservative Party, which already has some presence as you can register as a Conservative in New York. But I digress. Not important at this moment. The point is, as Congressman Allen West said this week, Conservatives will no longer be punching bags for the establishment elite. Decades past time to stand on principle.

Dan Riehl is framing the argument: “It’s insane for Conservatives to back Romney in the General Election.” Riehl will not vote for Romney.

My friend Reaganite Republican has a plan:

I’ll be quitting [the GOP] the day they coronate this scheming snake Romney. One hard-to-swallow strategy at that point would be to simply ignore the presidential contest this fall and fully concentrate on obtaining powerful congressional majorities to control and contain Obama (since Mittens is going to lose in the general anyway)… meanwhile, the investigations continue.

From the beginning, I have said it is imperative that we have that powerful Conservative Congress – even more important than the Presidency. Without it, we can get nothing done, unless the White House is Conservative as well, and today, we see the problem with that.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has a growing view on Newt Gingrich and offers Legal Insurrection reader suggestions for reversing the punching bag. (How about a vote for the Green Party to weaken Democrats? Click the Legal Insurrection link).

Dan Riehl notes that Charles Krauthammer is belatedly ‘getting it’ about Romney – a conversation hubby and I had a few days ago. My prediction: Krauthammer will march in the Romney parade.

For me, I will vote for the candidate. I loathe Mitt Romney, and I loathe the GOP, and did all through the Bush era. Mitt Romney is not Conservative, but he isn’t Barack Obama either. Romney will not support Communism, or glorify Islam. Yes, I see some Romney Socialsim in my crystal ball. Fiscally, my bet is, he is far superior to Obama, but I acknowledge we don’t know that as a certainty. I do not believe he will be diligent in supporting a Congressional repeal of ObamaCare, but will sign it if it becomes reality. Repeal takes a Conservative Congress. I see Romney ObamaCare workarounds as the best we will get from him. The best hope: he will meet resistance. How that works out depends on the Congress we get.

Compare that to keeping Obama, who will be emboldened and likely has yet bigger plans for that treasonous assault on the health of Americans. Seriously, pray for the Supreme Court decision and a true Conservative win for the U.S. Senate.

Newt is an enigma, a bit of a snake himself these days, not to mention a past history of crawling on his belly occasionally. Having said that, I choose Newt over Mitt. Newt is inherently Conservative unless someone pays him to be otherwise. As President, I believe he can and will resist such behavior. He won’t be counting on books on the Environment to bring home the bacon. Foolishness, like saying he can’t debate when the room is quiet, then saying he can’t debate in a noisy room, and worse saying he can’t debate someone who lies, is deeply troubling. How then will he debate Obama? I know, that Gingrich knows, none of those protests are a problem, so why is he wasting our energy?

Where Gingrich has supported Global Warming to sell a book, he hasn’t participated in legislation to do so. He has made some controversial remarks about health care mandates, that had anyone digested them, would not have been controversial, but he hasn’t participated in legislation to make it a reality. In Congress, everything Gingrich accomplished was Conservative. Not so with Romney as a Massachusetts governor.

I find little policy to disagree-on with Newt. I believe he believes what he says and has invested a lot of time on his positions. The one disagreement I have with Gingrich is his immigration stance, but I have to agree with him that that we will not deport the “grandmothers,” and so his policy devolved from that reality. While I want everyone to go home and get in line, I think his position is the reality.

I believe Romney says what he believes he must say, to secure establishment backing. Consider the moderates, at best, that will surround Romney. I see none of that in Gingrich.

If we eliminate the possibility of Rick Santorum, we can choose Newt and wait for the implosions/meltdowns, or the Romney betrayals. At least Newt corrects his waywardness. Romney never (oh wait, he no longer supports a woman’s choice to abort her baby – I believe him, and give him that one).

The sad realization for Conservatism is that some ignored Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) and are ignoring Rick Santorum. Some were afraid of Sarah Palin and the baggage that wasn’t hers. We need another party, must have another party by 2016.

The Tea Party is not dead, but neither are the Karl Roves. It as though November 2010 never happened, yet we will not give up on principle, will we? What is the most productive avenue to sending the message to the GOP, which will not give a flip until the challenge of a surging third party is underway? What do we do now? Make our primary vote a protest where appropriate? Denigrate Romney in the lead up to the General? See a vote for the disliked nominee a lack of principle? Ask the doctor for Prozac?  At least there is some strategizing underway.

Wisdom to Virginia voters, and as Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler says, “confusion to both of our enemies,” as we try to sort out our own. (Don’t even think of bringing up Ed Bell or racism – really, don’t even try.)


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  • How about we start by realizing we can still stop Romney? He has 59 delegates, needs another 1,085, and can’t get there until April 24 at the earliest. I think Santorum is the best bet for beating Romney in Oklahoma, with the added benefit of being someone I wouldn’t be embarrassed to endorse. The primary schedule is MUCH slower than 2008, precisely to avoid a repeat of McCain clinching early and everyone feeling sick about it for months afterwards. Public opinion can be shifted, but not if all the conservatives are wailing about Romney having the nomination all sewn up.

  • Anyone who would vote for Ron Paul is a screwball to begin with. Romney is 100% better than Obama. Voting for Paul is saying I want this nation to become the new Nazi nation.

    • It’s just a protest vote in this case (VA), he’s not going to win anything anyway. It’s about denying Romney until the (majority, ‘Not Romney’) conservatives consolidate behing a single candidate

      No need for Mittens to accumulate delegates… he’s not going to be the nominee

    • That Ron Paul is an old joke and too old, with ideas plus Paul has many things screwy about him? I agree with you findalis. Romney will and can win. It’s stupids like this that can’t get their act together . . making it easier for that God awful usurper Obama to have it made and keep spending money like it is water. America never learns its lesson.

  • Not so sure about that Reaganite Republican. I watched the pressure the GOP Establishment here in Florida– They’re never on Twitter, but they were primary day,, As Maggie said, the Rove’s and the Cheney’s are back.. They’ve forgotten they had more to do with Obama getting the White House than Obama did..

    Unless someone can find a wacky billionaire– who wants to be president and can run a better campaign then Perot did, the White House is a bridge too far for the moment. State Houses, Congress and a few Senate Seats aren’t. I think one reason the Florida GOP found a district for West was that they were afraid he’d take a shot at the Senate…

    The GOP went from a group of mad citizens in 1854 to putting Lincoln in the White House in 1860– 2016 is soon enough, we can wait. For now let’s get enough people in Congress that neither party can play games with out them. As few as 4 or 5 Senators could play hell with the balance of power there.

  • Romney and Obama ARE PAID BY THE SAME PEOPLE!!! (Goldman Sachs)
    And you think that anything will change?

    People call me naive because I support Ron Paul??
    I say that the general conservative population is extremely naive and have no clue how the money flows over and around the Establishment.
    Clue: it has something to do with that huge money machine called the Fed.

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