Utah US Congressional Races: Utah Gains 4th District

Utah is yet another state to undergo redistricting due to the 2010 Census. The state gains a fourth congressional district and these Republican races should be tense, especially in District 2, currently represented by Democrat Jim Matheson who has decided to run for the District 4 seat.

Beautiful Utah

Here’s how the Utah races look at this time:

Rep. Rob Bishop (R) – 1st District (considering a run for Governor)

Michael Miller (R) – 1st District (Iraq veteran)

Jason Buck (R) – 2nd District (currently owner of Utah Blaze)

Dave Clark (R) – 2nd District (former member of Utah House)

Cherilyn Eagar (R) – 2nd District

Chris Stewart (R) – 2nd District (former US Air Force Pilot, perhaps endorsed by Chuck Norris?)

Howard Wallack (R) – 2nd District (currently president Wallack Freight Lines)

Chuck Williams (R) – 2nd District (former lead Pentagon executive responsible for all US military bases world-wide and a senior defense official in charge of energy policy and programs. Endorsed by Alan Keyes, Connie Hair and others)

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R) – 3rd District

Kurt Bradburn (R) – 3rd District

Jay Cobb (R) – 4th District

Mia Love (R) – 4th District (former mayor of Saratoga Springs)

Stephen Sandstrom (R) – 4th District (currently Utah State Representative)

Carl Wimmer (R) – 4th District (former State Representative. Endorsed by Senator Mike Lee, Club for Growth, Concerned Women for America, Eagle Forum PAC, Family Research Council Action, Citizens United PAC, Gun Owners of America, Jared Law Utah 912 Project)

Rep. Jim Matheson (D) – 4th District (currently represents 2nd District)

I will direct readers to Conservative candidates for the House and Senate as we move to November. Here’s one for you: Stacy McCain is talking about Nancy Jacobs for Congress in Maryland’s 2nd District.  The incumbent is a Democrat. He lacks manners (the candidate, not Stacy). Read the story at The Other McCain.

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