US Military: No Hazard Pay in War Zones: Soldiers Compete With Mellow Mushrooms. Soldiers Lose

Troops in war zones will no longer receive the $225 monthly hazard pay for duty considered to be “hazardous” because of serving in…a war zone, unless and until they or their buddies get shot at, or hit a mine – sometime within any given month. If you go to bed every night wondering when the RPG will hit your barracks, you get paid nothing for your angst. Suspicious of the foreign military you are in the country to train? No hazard pay unless you are physically attacked from somewhere. Your angst means nothing to the Commander-in-Chief and the Pentagon who sent you to this place of terror. Or maybe the Obama magic has rendered us warless.

The rules for Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger Pay have changed. Service members will now receive imminent danger pay only for days they actually spend in hazardous areas. This change went in effect on February 1, 2012.

A member of a uniformed service may be entitled to Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger pay at the rate of $225 for any month in which he/she was entitled to basic pay and in which he/she was:

– Subject to hostile fire or explosion of hostile mines;

– On duty in an area in which he was in imminent danger of being exposed to hostile fire or explosion of hostile mines and in which, during the period he was on duty in that area, other members of the uniformed services were subject to hostile fire or explosion of hostile mines;

– Killed, injured, or wounded by hostile fire, explosion of a hostile mine, or any other hostile action; or

– On duty in a foreign area in which he was subject to the threat of physical harm or imminent danger on the basis of civil insurrection, civil war, terrorism, or wartime conditions. Source: Shark Tank

That last one above is strange. In any war zone, wouldn’t the above apply? “War zone” implies “threat of physical harm.” Maybe the Obama administration has a new, but unrevealed definition of “war zone,” while continuing to refuse to define “terrorism.”

Putting the newest assault on the military into perspective, Doug Ross says this:

In other words, the president continues to siphon off more and more money from our defense infrastructure — hitting our warriors first, last and hardest in the process — to fund his green energy scams and public sector union cronies (which, coincidentally, also contribute heavily to his campaign).

More important than soldiers in a war zone:

☹ $35.4 MILLION for the presidential campaign fund, courtesy the U.S. taxpayer – you know, for balloons and confetti, for the Republican and Democrat conventions,

☹ $30 MILLION to Pakistani Mango Farmers, $120 MILLION to dead Federal employees – annually, $14MILLION to Department of Defense Wind Turbines located in areas generating insufficient wind to create electricity,

☹ $800,000 taxpayer investment in a International House of Pancakes franchise in an “underserved” area of Washington D.C., which turns to be the neighborhood of Columbia Heights, a coveted area of the city, complete with a Starbucks. Get this: $500,000 of the $800,000 was considered “equity” for DC Pancakes LLC.

We are preparing to treat sugar the same as alcohol and tobacco, yet the Department of Health and Human Services plied Department grant monies into this project.

☹ Without a promise of EVER being constructed, one of the Alaska bridges to nowhere cost taxpayers $15 MILLION in 2011. Thought that was shutdown once the folly of a bridge to essentially nowhere, was exposed several years ago. No. We’re still spending MILLIONS.

☹ $484,000 to build the Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, an Arlington, Texas chain. “Hippie-chic” setting, mood rings, a lava room, 17 televisions and 3D artwork.

☹ $100,000 to raise consumer awareness of “fresh fruit” in Indonesia.

☹ More American generosity for Indonesia: $10 MILLION to remake Sesame Street for the Indonesian market.

☹ $1MILLION given to Los Angeles for the homeless and low income was “redirected” to an INTERNATIONAL architectural firm to build an NFL stadium.

☹ Non-home owners receive $1BILLION to make their homes more energy efficient.

☹ $937,000 to create and direct soap opera “Diary of a Single Mom.”

☹ In the ‘just to be certain’ category: $175,57 to confirm that cocaine enhances the sex drive of Japanese quail. We couldn’t even utilize an American quail?

☹ $200MILLION to promote the products of successful companies and their products: Welch’s and Sunkist among them. Since 1999, we’ve spent close to $2BILLION to help those I mentioned, plus cotton products, travel, and a popular reality show in India.

☹ $96,000 for iPads for kindergartners in Maine.

☹ $200,000 for a study concluding political candidates should pay more attention to green initiatives, in order to become…greener.

☹ $12MILLION for a failed energy-saving project in Pakistan.

☹ $4.4BILLION in “Wartime Contracting Waste and Fraud” in Iraq and Afghanistan

☹ $300,000 to the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange from the National Science Foundation. One of the dances “was intended to explore not only the beginning of matter, but also it’s physics.”

☹ $610,000 of your money and mine to determine the “well being” in 120 countries

☹ $500,000 to analyze the spread of political info on the web.

☹ $51,474 for Air Force Academy construction of outside worship center “for the handful of ” “Earth-based cadets,” including wiccans, druids and pagans. At the time, three students out of 4300 reported having an “earth-based” religion.

☹ $425,642 to tell India how to improve its local governments

☹ $606,000 to study online dating

☹ $200,000 to determine if Tweeting and Friending make you happy

☹ $592,527 to study why chimps throw their own feces at passerbys

☹ Sheep graze. They eat most anything, but we gave $743,000 to study if grazing sheep can be used to control weeds.

This short list is from 95 pages of taxpayer spending considered more important than reimbursing our Military for their time spent in enemy territory. Senator Coburn has been researching and publishing these outrages for a few years now, but we can’t even stop the highly-publicized Alaska bridge to nowhere. Friends, we need to pay attention to the Department of State & U.S. Agency for International Development. Their fingerprints are all over some of the bigger spending in this report.

Many thanks to Conservative Hideout for Linking in a Super Bowl Edition Roundup.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Leave it to Odummer to destroy our military moral. Oh, I forgot , that’s what he has intended to do all along. Forget the troop visits to up moral, those were photo-ops to be used in the continuing re-election campaign. You know the one that has been going on since Jan. 2008.

  • Bit by bit Obama is destroying the US military. G-d help us if we need to rely on the military he will leave us with.

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  • A good post, Maggie. I picked it up too. I’ll check out what our $800 grand bought by way of an IHOP in DC next time I have to go out there..

  • Thanks for the mention Maggie. It’s an informative post, and more people need to know about it.

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  • Bruce Salisbury

    Greetings from an old soldier who, like you, was lied to! I hope that when the next WAR happens we can gather together enough warriors to defend America. Of course we could hire a mercenary army……and suffer the same fate as The Roman Empire. The enemy is at our gates now, and some of our government entities are letting them in… so that they won’t be mad at us.


  • Michael

    No offense, but seriously there is no draft in this country. People choose to join the military and serve the USA. Stop complaining. All these drama queens whining about something. Government has always been wasteful when it comes to taxpayer money regardless of the political party in office.

    Why does everyone act as if continued wasteful spending is somehow going to change? Both political parties have obligations to special interests so they will both continue to allocate taxpayer money. In short, get over it. This is the USA doing business as usual.