UN Blames Drugs on Social Exclusion Social Inequality Social Disintegration: Redistribution of Wealth Needed

The United Nation’s International Narcotics Control Board President is Iranian Hamid Ghodse. Britain has a neighborhood drug problem and Ghodse blames, “social exclusion,” “social inequality,” “social disintegration” and the “gap between rich and poor.” Every child should have the same level of education and work as every successful person. British drug “no-go zones,” similar to the Muslim “no go zones,” where police and those taking an evening stroll dare not enter, are ringing the bell of need.

Ghodse says the U.S. has the same problem, and he has the cure:

Prof Ghodse called for such communities to be offered drug abuse prevention programmes, treatment and rehabilitation services, and the same levels of educational, employment and recreational opportunities as in the wider society.

”Youth of these communities must have similar chances to those in the wide society and have a right to be protected from drug abuse and drug dependence,” he said.

The right to be free from drug independence begins with never, never exposing yourself to any narcotic, but enough about that. The gap between rich and poor is to blame. Those who provide jobs, hire, cut paychecks, provide benefits and exercise huge philanthropy drive people straight to drugs, violence and both result in no-go zones. Celebrities and their highly publicized illicit drug use also might contribute, says the Professor of Psychiatry at St. George’s Hospital Medical School.

The U.N. goal is to keep children from entering gangs in the first place, but nowhere among Ghodse’s remarks are parents blamed. Memo to U.N.: start with parents and law enforcement. Assume they can do something about the problem, because they can. The United Nations can’t do a single thing, other than redistribute wealth. That’s the plan? Right? Something is very, very wrong with an Iranian Muslim man delving into Western psychiatry.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • If Iran or an Iranian complains about a problem you can be assured that they and their culture is the cause of the problem.

  • I agree with Findalis. No doubt there are plenty of problems in Iran, but what they need is not redistribution of wealth but less Islamicism.

  • Thanks for the link (Muslim “no go zones,”), it’s greatly appreciated.

    As for Iran and drugs, as I noted in one of my articles, “Iranian drug dealers are the main source of supply of Afghanistan’s opium and heroin production accounting for 90 percent of the world’s illicit drug trade in those products.”