South Carolina Files Complaint Against DOJ – Eric Holder: Voter ID Challenge Challenged

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson filed a “complaint” today against the federal government and US Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder. The filing challenges the DOJ suit against South Carolina’s new law requiring voter identification at the polls, and asks for a declaratory judgement.

There are numerous ways a registered voter can prove his/her identification: a state-issued driver’s license among them. A person without a state-issued I.D. can received one free of charge from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Department of Justice suit charges that the law “fails to meet the 1965 Voter Rights Act.” Wilson says “nothing in this act stops people from voting.”

The complaint explains: “The covered voting changes in Act R54 [Voter I.D. law] do not and will not prohibit any voter in South Carolina from voting for or electing his or her preferred candidate of choice.”

In fact, “South Carolina’s photo identification law does not bar anyone from voting, but merely imposes on voters a responsibility to obtain an approved photo identification card and to bring it to the polls unless one of the exemptions in Section 5 of Act R54 applies.”

Said Attorney General Wilson, “The DOJ has denied citizens in South Carolina protection of a law that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld in Indiana, and the DOJ itself pre-cleared for Georgia.”

Citing the provisions in Section 5 of the Voter I.D. that provide voters with an ability to vote after swearing an affidavit, Wilson explained, “Nothing in this law prevents anyone from voting if they cannot immediately show a valid photo identification.” Source Fox News

Rather than a lawsuit, this is a “complaint for declaratory judgement.” Wilson is asking that the matter go before a panel of three judges, a judgement rendered to allow the state to get on with whatever portion of their new law survives.

Democrats are always desperate for voters, have no regard for the sanctity of the privilege of our vote, and will stoop as low as necessary to get those voters. How we have let them get away with it for these many years is appalling. Each and every one of these cases must be taken to the ultimate limits to protect your vote and mine.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Even the government is now filing complaints against each other. Although given the corruption recently in all branches I am not surprised at all by this. We better getting voter issues right before the 2012 elections go down…