Sherrie Gavan: Heroine Dealer Stalks Mom – Mom Beams Heroine Dealer: Mom Charged

Sherrie Gavan is the mother of Clayton Gavan. They live in Jefferson County, Missouri. So does Clayton’s heroine dealer. Clayton is still in high school.  With the help of family and friends, Clayton has been clean, except for the couple of times his 20-year-old dealer showed up. Mrs. Gavan says the unnamed dealer (gotta protect him you know) came to her home and to her place of work. In December she sought him out as he lives nearby. She just wanted him to stay away.  Gavin who is under 5 feet tall, said he went to his car, reached inside and it frightened her. When he approached her, she hit him with a baseball bat. He kept coming so she hit him again. If he is dead or disabled, the press isn’t saying so.

In the video you can view here , the son talks about his addition. This boy doesn’t look like, or speak like, any addict I’ve seen or heard. He could be your boy, my boy. Mrs. Gavan has been charged with third degree assault. The dealer is reportedly back selling. As odd as the charges are, the response from the State Prosecutor is arrogant. Assuming he really cannot speak about someone he is prosecuting, he simply shouldn’t speak. Something is very wrong when a Mother cannot keep a drug dealer off her property, let alone be threatened by his actions, without facing trial.

I hope this has convinced Clayton that his family has gone the extra mile for him, and it’s time that he take responsibility with their continuing help. God help our children. The streets are full of evil. Click the link above to view the video.

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Thanks Maggie– as far as I’m concerned adults dealing drugs to school kids should classified with coyote under varmints in the hunting regulations..

    Just happened to find the Jefferson County Prosecutors contact info– I’m sure he’s appreciate an email telling him just how much you support his position.. His name is Forrest K. Wegge

    Building: Jefferson County Courthouse
    Address: 300 Main Street
    Hillsboro MO 63050
    Phone: (636) 797-5321
    Fax: (636) 797-5065
    Email: fwegge@jeffcomo.or

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  • someone needs to bean the DA(and that aint district attorney either) with a baseball bat and then stick it up his rear end . In the mean time if the little druggie dealer shows up on your property shoot the SOB and plant a knife in his hand. OH and let him just inside the door before you shoot him. To make it look really good kick the door a few times to make it appear he was attempting to break in. Dead drug dealers can’t talk.

  • What happened to America? If a thief cuts his hand breaking into your house, he can sue you. Good grief.

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