Sasha Baron Cohen: Kim Jong Il Ashes Dumped on Ryan Secrest Video

In the highlight of the evening, Sasha Baron Cohen dumped Kim Jong iL’s ashes all over Ryan Secrest on the red carpet. Second, highlight: Meryl Streep’s Best Actress Oscar acceptance speech for The Iron Lady. Yawn. H/T David Lemon at Clay to Bronze


Ryan Secrest Wearing Kim Jong Il’s Ashes on Red Carpet (video)

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  • I agree with the pundits that Mila Jovovich looked great, but I disagree about Penelope Cruz. They said she did not look good, and I think she looked wonderful.

  • I was sorry to see Hugo get so little. I still think it beat all the movies, but the Iron Lady, for the best of the movies. It was just so different. But who am I.. lol
    Mila looked like she was on something.. her eyes were half shut.. or maybe that’s the way she is normally.. She certainly was amazing looking.
    I miss Bob Hope.

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