Sarah Palin Wants Afghan Apology for American Soldier Deaths: Karzai Demands Trial for American Koran Burners?

Sarah Palin has asked for an apology from the Afghan military for the death of two American soldiers who were shot down in cold blood by a cowardly member of the Afghan military, supposedly working with the U.S. We likely supplied the weapon to kill our own. Meantime, Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai has demanded NATO put U.S. forces on trial for burning – not in protest, but disposing of, Korans that were being used to pass extremist messages. Obama has expressed his ‘deep regret’ for the burnings. Nothing yet from the White House, that I can find, on the deaths of our soldiers.

Hamid Karzai - Barack Obama

Obama apologizes for the inadvertent Koran burning this week; now the U.S. trained and protected Afghan Army can apologize for killing two of our soldiers yesterday. ~ Sarah Palin

The apologies are adding up – four and more from the Pentagon:

…some are questioning whether the parade of apologies from the U.S. government may do more harm than good.

The latest installment came Thursday, when the U.S. ambassador delivered an apology letter from President Obama to Afghan President Hamid Karzai. That follows apologies from Afghanistan commander Gen. John Allen, the White House, NATO’s International Security Assistance Force and other Pentagon officials.

Some might reason that Americans burning Korans is a good thing, and a good lesson in free speech for Muslims living in this country.

I would certainly defend with my life any attempt by our government to burn any book, the Quran included. But certainly, if someone needs to tell the world how evil and disgusting Islam is, then this is arguably the only book in the world worthy of a good toasting.

Let it burn. It will be the only time that the Quran shines a light unto the world.

More from Bernie Planck at Planck’s Constant:

Do you, dear reader, recall reading any of the following headlines:

2005: Saudi Arabia Desecrates Hundreds of Bibles Annually

2006: Muslim Students Urinate, Spit On Then Burn Bible

2007: Christians in Gaza Fear for Their Lives as Muslims Burn Bibles and Destroy Crosses

2008: Muslims burn Bible in Pakistan

The truth is, it happens every day somewhere in the world. Do you know why we don’t hear of it here? Two reasons:

1. The Liberal media does not like reporting anything critical of Islam (recall the  cowardice of our newspapers in not publishing the Danish Cartoons)

2. If our newspapers had to print barbaric acts committed by Muslims on a daily basis there would be no room to print the local news.

As Karzai reportedly called for calm and for his forces to protect people’s lives, the Taliban, who we are now negotiating with, released this statement:

“You should bring the invading forces’ military bases under your brave attack, their military convoys, kill them, capture them, beat them and teach them a lesson that they will never again dare to insult the Holy Koran,” it said in a statement

Reuters is reporting that NATO has agreed to put the Koran-burners on trial, but also says they have no confirmation of that agreement. No doubt the trial will happen with full support from the Obama administration.

Get our troops out of there and put every Muslim country on notice that our future policy is to let them kill each other – after all, it is they who choose Allah – unless they kill us anywhere in the world, including on their soil. When that happens we will act swiftly and brutally and exact measure beyond their imagination, without putting a single boot on their accursed soil.

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  • Great post. I think I learned something reading this one. Thanks for posting it. I will add your blog to my blog roll tonight.

    • Thanks Robert, I have added you to my blogroll. It’s nice to meet you:-)

  • Judy
    This is an excerpt of a larger CBN interview that’s coming in March, one that has definitely peaked my curiosity. But what’s interesting about this video is how clear this Imam is in not only stating that Sharia is the same thing as Islam and democracy is the opposite of Islam, but that there is no such thing as a Muslim who doesn’t believe in Sharia:

  • Ran

    I’d prefer – rather, seriously suggest – that we extradite Obama to Afghanistan (on his Indonesian passport) to stand trial.

    He could bow, apologize and ultimately engage in “shared sacrifice.” Earn the Peace Prize.

    You have a better idea?

  • David

    As far as these service members standing trial, yeah the Afghani President can go fuck himself on that one. These korans had to be disposed of and they were only doing their job. Next time we will just attach every one of them to a JDAM and send it to them via air-mail.