Sarah Palin: The Sarah Palin Employment Act: I’ve Made More Impersonators Than Obama’s Made Jobs

Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace this morning. He played a clip of a new HBO movie starring Julianne Moore as Sarah. When asked about Moore’s portrayal of her, Sarah said: That’s the Sarah Palin Employment Act. I’ve made more impersonators than Obama has made jobs.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin on The Sarah Palin Employment Act (video)

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  • I don’t even have HBO.. so who cares.. it’s the weak minded who’ll look at the portrayal as gospel, when we all know… unless the cameras were actually following her and getting every word and could read minds perfectly, then you might see something worth watching.. But this is acted by a lib and written from her book but by libs.. I have a screen writer friend who wrote the screen play for A River Runs Through It.. and several other well known movies.. Scripts he wrote were re-written to make things even more snappy.. I’m sure the snappy was added to this one, to appeal to a certain lib mentality and agenda.