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Transcript below is in loose, partial formatting. Here are the videos of Sarah Palin’s much awaited CPAC 2012 speech. The crowd was on their feet just about the entire time she talked.

Sarah Palin

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We are red, white and blue, and President Obama, we are through with you!


We have suffered massive job losses out there. Washington is hiring, but the question is, they are hiring for what? They don’t manufacture. They don’t mine. They don’t drill. They don’t harvest. They produce nothing, and the services they provide – they increase dependency, not freedom. They don’t create wealth. They take it. This is Obama’s Washington. It’s not the Washington of our Founders but the Washington of the Permanent Political Class. It is something that our forefathers never envisioned and they would have sworn their lives, their fortunes their sacred honor to change it.

 Begin a partial, loose transcript, which I’ve numbers to avoid timely transitions.

1 – This government is NOT too big to fail, it’s TOO BIG to succeed.

2 – [In the State of the Union Obama said he would give us] “An economy built to last.” Well Mr. President, we don’t want an economy built to last. We want an economy built to grow, and we certainly don’t want your economy built to last. We want your administration to end.

3 – We know to deal with our debt. You cut it, gut it, get rid of it. Americans shouldn’t have to spend their lives working so hard so that Washington can spend easy.

4 – He’ll invest your money in bullet trains to nowhere but would stop Boeing from building planes anywhere.

5 – Bankrupt Green Energy companies get sweet loans and grant offers, oil pipelines, not allowed to give you job offers. We say his plan isn’t winning the future, it is losing our country. We have a better jobs plan and it’s called the Free Market. It worked before this President and it will work again after this president.

6 – He said we need more of his financial regulations. We say go ask MF Global customers how happy they are with these. Where were they when Jon Corzine lost $1.2 BILLION of customer funds? Remember, his Washington regulatory wizards, they didn’t prevent the financial meltdown. These folks helped cause it, and you had to bail them out.

7 – The president says – small Americans, small town Americans – we bitterly cling to our religion and our guns because we are just dog-gonne frustrated with his pace of change. You say, I say, we say – you keep your change, we’ll keep our God, our guns, our Constitution.

8 – Professor Obama has forgotten the Bill of Rights. We shall not forsake it, including those rights that our Founders risk their lives for, the freedom of religion, our right to bear arms. We will rise up. We will defend them.

9 – The President believes that your tax dollars should subsidize Planned Parenthood. We believe that every child is created equal with that right to life, and I ask you to stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves. If not us, then who?

10 – The President believes we need to centralize power – big power, in Washington, because you just can’t be trusted to make decisions for yourself. Not about your health insurance, not about your gas mileage, not even about your light bulbs. We believe that it is time to return power to the people where the Founders intended it. That’s where the Constitution entrusts it. That is where it belongs again today.

11 – Now perhaps this distrust of us is because he he believes America is a destructive force in the world. That we should apologize to enemies. He believes we should our missile defense technology with the Kremlin. He believes we should make deep cuts in our Military while other nations are building up their militaries. Deep cuts to our troops while we keep on spending wildly on everything else.

12 – Let’s talk about priorities. Today the White House is actually trying to negotiate with the Taliban while standing by helplessly while Iran moves forward on to developing their nukes, and the ICBMs to deliver them. We say, our No. 1 Constitutional duty that belongs to the Commander in Chief, is protecting the American people and this great land and our allies. God Bless Israel. Our President needs to understand that – what you understand, that that’s what America’s brave fighting sons and daughters are asked to risk their lives for everyday. If only he would understand that.

This isn’t some kind of international community organizing we’re talking about or social welfare networking that’s going on. No, we will never apologize for America’s strength and our greatness, and we will refuse to accept that a weaker America means a better and safer world.

We are going to put our confidence in the strength our Armed Forces, not in the hollow promises of our adversaries, and not the cleverness of our diplomats, and bureaucrats. As generations before us, they, like we now, will gladly, proudly fight to defend this land of the free. We must be home of the brave.

12 – One reason, I believe, our President has such a skewed view is, here tucked inside Washington, he doesn’t get out to see much of real America. Now 11 months from now, he’ll have his chance to spend his time outside of DC. When he comes down from his lofty office, and he is finished rolling back the tides, and lowering the sea levels, or snow drifts or avalanches – whatever all those promises were, when he’s finished with all of that, well, then he’s going to see that the facts on the ground are much different.

The divide between Washington and the rest of the country – it has never been greater and it has never been more dangerous. While America struggles, Washington prospers, and while our Real Estate Markets crash. Washington’s is strong.

We have suffered massive job losses out there. Washington is hiring, but the question is, they are hiring for what? They don’t manufacture. They don’t mine. They don’t drill. They don’t harvest. They produce nothing, and the services they provide – they increase dependency, not freedom. They don’t create wealth. They take it. This is Obama’s Washington. It’s not the Washington of our Founders but the Washington of the Permanent Political Class. It is something that our forefathers never envisioned and they would have sworn their lives, their fortunes their sacred honor to change it.

This Washington, it borders the ten wealthiest counties in America. It is now home to the highest per-capita income. Here, millionaires are minted over night. Heck, they even have a Lamborghini dealership here. Not that there’s anything wrong with hot wheels, but this is the playground for the government rich and they are hoping that you work really, really hard to keep her going.

The people need and demand urgent reform from this growing, out-of-touch government and it’s for freedom’s sake and it’s to grow our small businesses and hire more people. We know that things must change rapidly in order to let the private sector grow.

13 – Friends, there is no such sense of urgency here in Obama’s Washington, because life around here is really good, materially. Our Permanent Political Class is content. They are immune to the realities that the rest of us face. See, they exempt themselves. They play by a different set of rules.

Look at their EPA. It’s imperiling private industry. It’s imperiling our energy independence, and the steps we need to take to be secure. It’s enslaving us to these dangerous foreign supplies of energy instead of tapping into our own God-given energy, her under foot. That’s what the EPA is all about right now. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw the EPA prevent constructing, say, a new government building? Maybe instead of calling Washington a swamp, we should call it a wetlands. Maybe that will slow down the growth of government.

The old Washington of our Founders, it was a place where you came to serve your government, not prosper over it, and on it and from it and off of it. No, you left your home, you left your farm, you left your industry behind to serve the common good.

But this Washington is a place where politicians, men and women arrive as men and women of modest means and they become Plutocrats. The money-making opportunities for DC politicians are really endless, but they don’t just enrich themselves off of you, for themselves, they spread the wealth around to their pals, and this has a name: crony capitalism.

I said in a speech this summer, this isn’t the capitalism of free men and free markets, of risk and sacrifice, of innovation and hard work. No, it’s the capitalism of connections, and of government bailouts and handouts and waste, and corporate welfare and corruption. This is the capitalism of Barack Obama and the Permanent Political Class.

It’s why I say to the Occupy Protesters, you are occupying the wrong place. You are protesting the wrong thing. This crony capitalism is the root of our economic problems. It has spurred the expansion of government which diminishes freedom and opportunity for all to rise and to succeed. See, some politicians get elected just by promising more programs, and new freebies and new favors, and then government grows to accommodate their promises. It never shrinks, and that crowds out the liberating individual initiative and the equal opportunity that America was built upon. It swallows up the work ethic that we try to teach our children and it extinguishes that independent, pioneering American spirit.

Now often they come to DC denouncing the place as the cesspool of corruption, but after a year or two, they decide, ehhh, it’s not cesspool – more like a hot tub. And they are hopping in and enjoying the jacuzzi.

Well America, it is time we drain the jacuzzi and throw the bums out with the bath water. We took a good first step in 2010, as much as the media wants you to forget that election. Tea Party Patriots won an historic victory. We the people rose up and we spoke up, and the message was we don’t want the Left’s big government agenda. We can’t afford it and we won’t pay for it.

Now the points I want to make about Congress, I toast the Tea Party members there in Congress. Many of them who have fought so bravely against the status-quo and agreed with us that you can’t get out of debt by getting deeper in debt – some even voted against giving the President another plastic card that we expect our kids and grandkids to have to pay off for us. Barack Obama has fought these folks every step of the way. He has dismissed them. He has lied about them. They have held their ground. They have kept their promises to the people who hired them, and now they need reinforcements. Will you help them?

This November we are going to take back the Senate and we are going to fortify the House. Be aware Washington, Tea Party Patriots are alive and we’ll elect more, and this time, establishment, we expect them to get leadership posts in Congress.

The end loose, partial transcript.

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  • All most every Country on the face of the earth, is control by one central government. This Country under our Constitution and the Founding Fathers gave us 13 sovereign states. Each State had it own Constitution. The Federal Government was form to protect the sovereign States, it had a job to do, as outlined by Article One of the Federal Constitution. The Federal government since Pres. Wilson, has been trying to eliminate State Sovereignty , their tools were the 14 Amendment, then the 16,17, and the 19 Amendments. Presidents like Roosevelt, Johnson, Nixon, Clinton, Bush and now obama are doing their best to eliminate State Sovereignty. We must elect Governors to fight to stop this intrusion of the 10 Amendment and state sovereignty.

    . Local governments were created to do the things that individuals cannot do for themselves. State governments should do only the things that local governments cannot do,, and the federal government should do those things that individual states cannot do. Local governments and state governments created the federal government.

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  • Royal Marty

    Sarah is such a natural, refreshingly REAL. I told my wife as we were watching this that when she gets going she makes my eyes water. Wifes reply: “We need a president that makes our eyes water, like Reagan.” God bless Sarah Palin, God bless America.

  • Alway in aw after listening to her.. Still wish she was running.

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  • dyz

    “The old Washington of our Founders…” I assume this is poetic license? I mean considering the founders were in Philadelphia rather than Washington.

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