Sarah Palin: Contraception Boondoggle – Welcome to Government Mandated Health Care

Sarah Palin was on with Greta Van Susteren last night discussing the Obama mandate that churches and church-affiliated health care organizations provide insurance covering contraception and the morning-after pill. The Obama administration considers birth control a part of a woman’s health, and believes everyone has the right to receive the services free of charge (paid for by you and me, Mr. and Ms. Taxpayers). After a loud outcry, declaring a trashing of the First Amendment, the administration said, okay, churches must provide access to the health insurance, but the church or hospital will not have to pay for it – the insurance companies will absorb it. You believe that? Right?

Beyond contraception, many Americans see this as the larger matter of Government forcing religious entities to do something against their faith – and that a mandate to religious institutions on any matter is unacceptable in America.

Many, no matter where they come down on contraception and abortion, see this as one more Government grab for power. If the administration can force this upon us, they force anything they want under the guise of protecting your health.

Sarah Palin

Senator Rand Paul is on Fox this minute saying that another problem is the forcing of women beyond child bearing age to buy a policy including these measures, as well as a younger woman who has had her tubes tied, or her spouse has had a vasectomy with no plans for children – yet forced to buy this coverage.

In opposition to Greta and Sarah’s discussion of the administration making a “mistake” to bring this issue to the fore months before the presidential election, Dick Morris has been on television the last couple of days saying that abortion is no longer an issue in the U.S. The Left has lost abortion as a hammer against Conservatives, and so now have very puposefully decided to use contraception as an issue to drive ignorant (my word, not his) women to the polls to vote for Democrats. You may remember the main stream media asking Republican presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, a Catholic with seven children, about the right of a state to ban contraception. Part of Santorum’s answer was he thought states had the right to do so, but no state wanted to ban health care. George Stephanopolous asked Romney the same thing. Romney was stunned and kept saying no state wanted to ban contraceptives, and finally said he didn’t know if a state had the right to do so.

So Dick Morris believes this was planned between the White House and the media to make women fearful that contraception would banned. It’s about power friends. When your health care is controlled by anyone beyond you and your doctor, you have lost the liberty to direct your own life.

PALIN: Yes, very poor politics that they would choose such a battle. One, to pick a fight with faith-filled Americans. You know, we will fight — as the father had said earlier on the “Hannity” show, we’ll fight to the death for our freedom of religion and for the rights that are protected by our United States Constitution.

This is an un-American act of our president. Anything that would so blatantly violate an amendment within the United States Constitution is un-American. And Barack Obama needs to rethink what he has just done to the people of America because we’re rising up on this one. We’re not going to back off and we’re not going to say OK, it is all right that such a violation of conscience, such a violation of those things that our Founders fought and died for — we’re just going sit back and let it happen to us. Not this time!

If the video disappears or does not play, view it at Fox News.

Sarah Palin on Obama Contraception Mandate (video)

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  • Now we know wht George Stephanolpulos got his knickers in a knot during the debate over contraception. No one could figure… a set up right from the WH.

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  • joe

    I use to be very prolife, but I am leaning towards free abortions and birth control for liberals.