Romney: RomneyCare Mandate 2006 – Romney’s Own Words

In 2006 Mitt Romney said after Massachusetts health care was brought to an “affordable” cost level for the individual, the individual would be mandated (forced) to buy health care. Some could receive government subsidies to help pay the “affordable cost.” Romney equates the word “mandate,” to personal responsibility.

Mitt Romney

“But once we put in place the reforms I am describing, with new affordable products as well as a subsidized product, where your premium can be as low as $2.30 a week, now everybody can get insurance,” said Romney. “And that’s basically what this slide says. And that is, look, now that we have these products available for you, we want everybody to get insurance and you have responsibility of having insurance, and we are going to mandate that you have insurance.

“Now, how do we mandate it?” said Romney. “Well, I won’t spend a lot of time on this, other than to indicate that we are going to insist that everybody be covered one way or the other and that those who don’t comply have certain problems. They are going to lose their personal tax exemption. We will withhold any of their tax refund. We will keep it in an account at the state level which we will be able to tap to pay the hospital if they go there for free care. The legislature has also put in place consideration of not providing drivers’ licenses to people unless they can show their health insurance coverage, and so forth.

“We also, I just note there, we also, if people go and get free care and don’t pay for it, we go after them,” said Romney. “We garnish wages if we have to make sure that we get paid. People are either going to buy insurance or they are going to pay for their own care. They’re not going to say, I got care and you, Mr. Taxpayer, or you Mrs. Premium Payer, you have to pay for me.”

On April 12, 2006, three months after he spoke at Heritage, Romney signed his landmark health-care reform proposal into law. The law said that people earning up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level would get subsidies to buy insurance. (The federal poverty level for a family of four is now $23,050, according to the Department of Human Services. That means a family of four earning up $69,150 per year now qualifies for health-insurance subsidies in Massachusetts.) Source CNS News

A mandate does not allow for personal responsibility. The personal responsibility is forced upon you. Nothing personal about it.

I’m not overlooking the need to get the poachers out of our health care costs. Our American empathy knows few boundaries. We have made it possible for far too many Americans (and illegals) to receive health care without paying for it. Those costs are collapsing our health care system and the health of our liberty.

Makin insurance competitive, across state lines, as Republicans have advocated for, for a very long time, solves the problem. If you do not provide health care for yourself, and you do not fit into the Medicaid or Medicare law at the time, you do not receive health care, unless you are a child with irresponsible parents. The child gets health care. The parents’ wages are garnisheed, and if they do not work, or if they can’t put food on the table after payments are deducted from a payroll check, they go to work for the city to pay it off. That’s when you put the parent to work in the city trash detail, or cleaning the toilets in the city jail or spiffying-up at the city morgue. It’s simple. We don’t need mandates. Forcing an American to purchase something they don’t want, is unAmerican. Mandates are unAmerican. Thanks to Pat Dollard

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  • Gr8 post

    What I got a kick out of was in the ’08 debates, Fred Thompson said to Mittens “You like mandates…?”- to which Romney replied “I like some some of them, depends” or words to that effect.

    Thompson goes yeah, “The ones you thought of”

    You all probably remember that, classic lolol

    • RR, thanks for that. You know I had forgotten that Thompson-Romney exchange. As I was saying to ljcarolyn, “some” mandates has to be lumped by ‘a mandate for everyone,’ or a mandate like a driver’s license. There’s a big difference. A health care mandate is enslaving. On the other hand, we have to buck up and say, no you won’t appeal to my empathy and get health care without paying for it. You child can, but not you.

      If we reform insurance, everyone can afford some care. If you have a cell phone, a tv and EVER eat out, and don’t have health care, I have no sympathy for that person.

  • But and there is always a but. . .Romney said he would let the states decide. Let’s look at people driving without insurance or a drivers license. Now how is that any different than living with out health care, pardon me, all of us are paying for that kind of Da$%#@ mooching off everyone else that carries car insurance & has a license to drive. I’m sick and tired of people that are living off the people that are doing right and those that don’t. So they are allowed to get by with being a bum, huh. Not with me. God’s word says you don’t work you don’t eat. Hello! This is a BIG BIG PROBLEM so “let the states handle it” and see how they come out. Fire at least half the government – that would free up all kinds of money. Get rid of the EPA, the Fed, change the tax laws, among many other things. Last BUT not least. . THERE IS ALWAYS A BUT. Tell Obama we don’t want to see his fraudulent birth certificate now, it’s too little too late. Impeach the Muslim Obama, then send him back to Kenya where he can be a bloody dick-tator and all those that agree with him. That can at least be a start to cleaning out the sewers of America. No one said it would be easy BUT what we are doing or not doing is NOT working. It is a FORM OF INSANITY.

    • ljcarolyne, I feel your angst. We have 4 to choose from and we have to choose one. It’s Romney’s mindset that is so upsettling. We have so much at stake – SO MUCH AT STAKE – and so many of us don’t think he is very conservative. We think his mindset has a tad too much progressivism in it.

      He has said he will let the states decided, but he forced the mandate for the same reasons Obama did – to pay for those who didn’t/couldn’t pay.

      A driver’s license is completely different than mandating health care. You can choose not to drive and not be fined, but these mandates force everyone to participate through a premium or a fine. The driver’s license insures that you, who choose to drive, are participating in the safety and the cost of those also choosing to drive. If you don’t want to drive, don’t get a license. But under a mandate, everyone has to have health insurance.

      The answer is, if you don’t have health insurance, you pay the doctor up front, or you get none.

      Everyone says they will repeal ObamaCare. No one but Romney’s staff AND ADVISORS, are hinting that is NOT going to happen. It’s worrisome.

      This is the time to be as constitutional as possible. ‘Possible’ means reforming and keeping SS, Medicare right away. It could have been done years ago. Reworking Medicaid and getting rid of the fraud in all three – do it now. Do you know how much better this country would be, by just quickly doing these three things. It can be done quickly.

      We cut spending in most of, if not all, of the areas you mention. All the candidates have it right about ‘cutting.’

      We all want the same thing. They all say the same thing. The hitch is figuring out who has the innate mindset to set things right, will ooze out of him.

      As I’ve said before, I will enthusiastically vote for the nominee. And if I am not feeling enthusiastic about that nominee, no one on my blog will know it until after the general election. Keep the faith my friend.

      None of us here are saying Paul is right in all things, although I believe fiscally he is. His foreign policy, especially towards Italy, is untenable for me.

  • BTW any one got any better ideas? Doesn’t sound like it too me, so all of you are saying Paul has it all right? Santorum does? Newt does ??????????
    Looks like a confusing mess to me. I say Donald Trump for President.
    Trump seems to be the only one with an iota of what the Hell to do. We got to ged rid of Obama number one – first things first. Why is it no one wants a rich person to be President? Well how stupid is that!!! If you are poor that is a loser right there, IMO. Wake up America listen to what you are saying: America has gotten stuck at Dysfunction Junction going in a Vicious Circle. America needs to make a U TURN in order to have a WIN WIN. TraveLight is the answer. . . it is your GPS for Success.

  • With all respect to you Maggie, you say a drivers license is not the same. Well YES it is, in many ways. We are all paying for these idiots to be out there driving without them and that is costing our insurance to go up up up, in every way. We are all paying for those that don’t have squat – sorry BUT I’m not in angst I’m fed up to the hilt on that one. These illegals drive without a license, are in every emergency room across America with the whole damn family. I’m way past angst on this and having to push one for English, no thank you. I say whatever it takes to stop this crap – do it. I’m tired of the food stamp POTUS and his supposedly give aways – it’s all going in his pocket and his pay pals. Wealth redistribution is all this communist government is. We all know the truth about that one, now don’t we! Stimulus? Hell, the devil is in ALL the details. The Muslim evil doers are thick as thieves right now because of Obama. Same sex marriage, Sharia Law, wanting to take our guns, you name it. WTF is every one thinking?? Get some one in there that beat the sumbitch, ABO. BTW I hope Obama reads this since he eves drops on our e-mail etc. Double dog dare the Muslim Brotherhood to try to take our guns. That is no threat. . . that means war . . . the end of the end. America this is it, now or never quit pussy footin’ around. Our military is letting us down – form a coup and drag Obama to jail. Obama has committed TREASON against us all and our country.