Romney Loses Maine? Maine Mess – by Design?

The GOP Maine caucuses were held from February 4th through February 11th. Those caucuses were slated to be counted as official caucus votes. Any caucuses outside that time period would not be counted. After the count, thought to be the official count, Mitt Romney won over Ron Paul by 200 votes. Big problems now however. Some county votes within the proper timeline were not counted. State tally sheets were simply blank.  It was a “clerical error.” Washington County was forced to change their caucuses to the next Saturday (outside the designated timeline) due to a snowstorm, and now want their votes counted. It’s a mess in Maine and you have to consider that it might be by design.

However, a review of the town-by-town results released Saturday by the Maine GOP suggests that some communities that had caucused prior to Feb. 11 were not counted. Nearly all Waldo County towns held caucuses on Feb. 4 but those towns were blank in the results released by the state party. Additionally, Waterville held its caucuses ahead of time but were not included in the results.

Waldo County GOP Chairman Raymond St. Onge said the results were sent to the state party on Tuesday, Feb. 7. He said those results probably would not have changed the outcome but was disheartened the votes were not included.

St. Onge said he spoke to party officials late Tuesday about why Waldo County’s results were omitted.

The Ron Paul campaign believes they had a good chance to win Washington Country this time. Who did the uncounted votes February 4th and through the 11, go for? Is Romney still in the lead? Will the GOP allow the intended but cancelled Washington County caucus votes to be counted? Sloppy. Sloppy. It’s possible Romney did not win Maine. If so, that’s the second time a win for Romney was negated. Maine caucus votes are not binding and electoral votes will not be awarded until the Maine Republican State Convention, but if it doesn’t matter, why are candidates spending time and money in these states? They matter – the image of the win matters. According to the Maine GOP, they will not address the missing votes or the Washington County votes until March 10th. You have to ask if the GOP is not protecting Romney for as long as possible.

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  • I’m not Ron Paul’s biggest fan, but I’m less of a GOP Establishment fan. If this is what it appears to be, someone in the GOP hierarchy needs to be in jail.

    Also leads me to believe that possibly in State and Local elections were need to look for people without ties to either party. Since 2010 the GOP has ignored the people who saved the Party from extinction– It’s to late in the wrong election to think about putting up someone for President- It’s not to late for lessor offices.

  • I don’t think this was by design at all. Precinct, county, and state Republican Parties are largely run by volunteers. In a year with less attention focused on every caucus, a sloppily tallied straw poll or a county convention rescheduled for weather would be no big deal.

    It’s important to distinguish between the caucuses and the straw poll taken at the caucuses. They’re two different things. Even if there were no straw poll, even if there were a primary, there would still have to be caucuses as part of the process of electing Maine’s delegates to the Republican National Convention. Municipal and county caucuses elect delegates to the state convention who, in turn, elect delegates to the national convention.

    So if you’re going to have all these Republicans gathering anyway, why not take a straw poll? And why not use the straw poll to drive up caucus participation?

    What went wrong in Maine is that the national media, hungry for any numbers at all in a month without primaries, made a big deal out of the results, and the Maine party was unprepared for the onslaught of attention and the media’s expectation of a rigorous result.

    The only poll that really matters is a poll of Maine’s elected delegation to the Republican National Convention. That won’t be determined until May 6.

    • Hi Michael, I do agree with you, but when you have blank tallies, announce a winner knowing you have blank tallies, it’s poor management on the part of the GOP. True there are no delegates to go along with this vote, so I come down on the side of not announcing anything if you cannot get it right. Simply saying the poll was inconclusive would have been fine.

      My “by design” statement was saying that the GOP handled this incorrectly, and were continuing to do so by waiting to address it until their state convention. I am not a Ron Paul supporter – at all – but if he won, it is right to say so, or at least better to say ‘we don’t have a winner’ and nullify the results. You know, they knew the count in some counties was missing (excluding Washington) yet they announced Romney the winner in a very close race. I am also not a Romney supporter, but I feel certain the Maine GOP leans to Romney in this case.

      Some GOPers involved were probably not just volunteers, and had the authority to make a decision. You’re right that it doesn’t matter in the end, and fortunately there were only two candidates involved.

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  • Don’t you know Obama loves this idiot stuff even though he won by fraud the last election. The GOP needs to get their act together – get it right – or be beat again. Stupidity gone to seed!