Rick Perry CPAC 2012 Speech Video

Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke at CPAC 2012 on the first day, February 9th. Here’s the video.

Rick Perry

Pull-Out Quote:

“This election,” Perry said, “ is not about economic misery or runaway spending, but about what kind of leadership replaces Obama. We must stop pretending that the main goal of Republican governance is doing the the same thing as Democrats but spending less.”

The argument, Perry said, must be about whether we continue to centralize power in Washington or return it to the states. ”We don’t need a government that requires its governors to grovel for Obamacare waivers,” Perry said. “We ought to observe the Tenth Amendment, or strip it out of the Constitution.”

And one more:

No where in the Constitution does it say health care should be run by the federal government. Washington has no right to dictate how and from whom you receive health care. How your children learn in schools or how you clean your air…that is not their role.

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Rick Perry CPAC 2012 Speech (video)

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