Protect Your Voice Petition: Protecting Bloggers Citizen Journalists

Michael Bates at BatesLine has the details of this petition drive to protect bloggers and citizen journalists. The video below is from Protect Your Voice where it takes about one second to sign the petition.


I’ve been told that local politics and development are the riskiest topics you can blog about — the cyber-equivalent of skydiving. It’s easy for a U. S. Senator or U. S. President to ignore one pesky blogger; in a small town a single critic may be enough to launch the ouster of a town mayor or expose an underhanded school contract.

Protect Your Voice:

We’re not referring to careless, reckless bloggers writing about anything their heart desires. We aim to protect the bloggers that are reporting on acts of government as meticulously and honestly as the journalist sitting next to him or her at the press conference.

Sign the petition here.

Protect Your Voice: Protest First Amendment Rights (video)

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