Philadelphia Sharia Law: Philadelphia City Council Fights For Sharia Law

Pennsylvania House Bill 2029 has been introduced to protect the state from the implementation of foreign law in the state’s courts. Known as the Anti-Foreign Law House Bill, 2029 includes Sharia Law, among others. The Philadelphia City Council has approved a Resolution urging the General Assembly to kill the bill – because “Philadelphia welcomes all religious beliefs, traditions and heritages.”

Introduced by Rep. Rosemarie Swanger (R-Lebanon), the bill would ban all cases of foreign law infused in Pennsylvania courts…Swanger’s intent was allegedly stated on a memo she sent out before the bill was introduced, in which she stated, “America has unique laws of liberty which do not exist in foreign legal systems, particularly Sharia Law.”

And: “We are a nation of laws. Unfortunately, increasingly, foreign laws and legal doctrines—including and especially Sharia Law—are finding their way into U.S. court cases.” Source: PhillyNow

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) says Bill 2029 is “meant to induce anti-Muslim fervor the country over.” CAIR is selling, Philadelphia is buying. H/T Creeping Sharia H/T BadBlue

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  • Another case of the inmates running the asylum?

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  • Amazing how when laws get introduced to prevent foreign law from being implemented in US Courts, CAIR always goes ballistic. What makes them think it’s against Muslims? Maybe they think that way because Muslims are wanting to implement Shariah Law into our courts? I mean, you throw a rock into a pack of dogs and the only one who yells is the one who got hit.

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  • If ‘We The People’ don’t get rid of Obama this evil will continue. Carl you got that right “Another case of the inmates running the asylum?” These Muslims are lunatic and their loony leader is in the WH. Aren’t you sick of this crap, I know I am. These stupid Muslim in their Burqas look idiotic. I’d like to rip those nasty things off them and chock them with them, only I wouldn’t want to touch it. Shew!