Obama Girl AlphaCat New Video: You Wanna My Vote? Ooh Ooh Ooh – Glease

Remember Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger, who was a sensation during the 2008 elections when she told the world she had a crush on Barry? Then, when reality came calling, she begged Mike Huckabee to run again. He didn’t. Now a new video is out with AlphaCat, a YouTube Obama impersonator. The video, titled Glease, is set to “You’re the One That I Want,” from Grease. ” Youa wanna my vote? Ooh Ooh Ooh Barry. Hard to know where this is going with Ettinger. Maybe a night in the Lincoln Bedroom? A tiny crush on Barry remains.

AlphaCat and Obama Girl, Amber Lee Ettinger

Watch for the Santorum poster. Thanks to PoliPop for the video.

Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger and AlphaCat – Youa Wanna My Vote (video)

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  • I agree with your analysis.. A smile.. a wink or even a wave will send this ditz over the edge.. lol

  • The movie Grease & John Farrar that wrote “You Are The One That I Want” should bring a law suit on this video. Actually it makes fun of the lefties and Obama. Ole Michelle better watch out this Obama girl is still after BO.