New Jersey Wayne Township Refused Christie Executive Order to Lower Flag for Whitney Houston: Iraq Soldier Dad John Burri Protests His Own Way

John Burri’s son died serving in Iraq. In protest of Governor Chris Christie lowering the American flag to half-mast to memorialize Whitney Houston’s death, Burri who resides in Michigan, burned the New Jersey state flag on his BBQ grill. See that video below. Christie issued an Executive Order for the lowered flag to every municipality in the state. Wayne Township refused and was the only municipality to not follow the Governor’s order.

Burri believes only those who serve should be honored by a lowered American flag. Wayne Township Mayor Mayor Christopher P. Vergano agrees:

“As of today I have received 13 emails in favour of not lowering the flags and one opposed to my decision,” he was quoted as saying in an email on Monday.

“The emails came from as far as Florida, Texas and Virginia. My personal feeling is that the flag should only be lowered as an honour for military personal and fallen police officers. Most of the people that contacted me were in the military service and thanked me for my decision,” he said.

Among those in the town objecting to lowering the flag in Houston’s honour was the Wayne Township Policemen’s Benevolent Association, Local 136. The group’s Facebook page had a letter posted on it, which association President Scott Rappaport wrote to Vergano on February 16.

“Every death is a tragedy and we mean not to take that away from Ms Houston’s family, friends and fans. However, we disagree that her death is somehow more significant or more important than the thousands of military personnel and civilians that die serving our country,” the letter said. Source: Star Tribune

We have to wander where this will lead. I think of some of Hollywood’s most famous, some supporting Hugo Chavez and the Castro boys, would flags be lowered for them?

Army Specialist Eric Burns died in Baghdad in 2005. Michigan flags were lowered in his honor. Governor Christie has said every fallen soldier during his administration has been honored with a flag flying at half-mast. As an aside, I heard Rush Limbaugh tell a caller this week that Christie’s Executive Order was all about gaining votes.

John Burri Burns New Jersey Flag to Protest Whitney Houston Honor (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • You lower the flag to half-mast for heads of state or members of the military who have died. I know of no other reason to do it.

  • BTW, I want my country back.

  • I could go along with lowering the Flag to half staff to honor the passing of an entertainer if that entertainer had spent many tours overseas and stateside entertaining and visiting the troops. Someone along the likes of Bob Hope would deserve this honor on a national level. As fare as I can determine, Whitney never once visited the troops overseas or did a USO show.