Mitt Ron Ad Money Attacking Conservatives – Whats the Mitt-Ron Connection?

In the video below, Mark Levin makes the point that Ron Paul’s ads all criticize the only true Conservatives in the race. If Paul is so conservative, as Libertarians claim he is, and he claims he is, why is he spending his money attacking everyone but the moderate – Mitt Romney? See the video below. UPDATE 1-23-12: Maybe the question of what Mitt has offered Paul has been answered. See it below.

Mark Levin

Ron Paul at it again, spending a fortune attacking Santorum. He spent a fortune attacking Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann…they’re trashing one Conservative candidate after another.

“Has Ron Paul ran any ads or spent a significant amount of money attacking Romney? Don’t you find that odd? This connection, this relationship? It’s weird. I’ll put this question out? What has Romney promised Ron Paul?”

GulagBound has other pertinent questions about the Paul campaign. Because I haven’t followed these angles, please read them at GulagBound. They are worth a read.

UPDATE: 1-23-12: Perhaps the DailyCaller is on to something – – Rand Paul as Mitt’s VP? – maybe, maybe not:

Now, a Kentucky media outlet, WFPL News, might be offering us a clue

Kentucky’s junior senator says it would be an honor to be considered as a possible running mate for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

… After a speech in Louisville today, [Sen. Rand] Paul held that door firmly open, saying he wants to be part of the national debate.

… “I don’t know if I can answer that question, but I can say it would be an honor to be considered,” he said.

Mark Levin: What has Romney Promised Ron Paul (video)

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  • Con Ed

    Ron Paul criticizes everyone but Romney for being big government. Romney “decreased taxes” but added “fees” giving basically a push on state spending in one of the most bloated states of the Union. Then he expanded the big brother in enormous quantum leap via Romneycare.

    Yet, Ron Paul is silent about this??? I think perhaps it might be significant that his son, Rand Paul, is saying that he would be “honored” to be considered to be a Romney vice-president.

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  • Con Ed, I’m not going to jump to any conclusions– but I’m going to look at it a little differently..

    First to be offered a chance at the Vice Presidency is an honor, regardless of which candidate makes the offer. It could be that’s what Paul was saying.

    As far as Paul Senior not going after Romney– It would be a waste of Paul’s time, money and energy. He’s not going to convert any Romney supporters to his cause. Romney’s hardcore base are what’s left of the Old GOP Base, they like the status quo and dislike the TEA Party upstarts..

    Gingrich and Santorum backers want to send the status quo to the history books– They like and are like by small government TEA type Conservatives. Thar is where Paul has a chance to make converts.

  • Ron Paul has an ad out, “3 of a Kind”, that EXPOSES Romney, Gingrich and Santorum. Look it up on YouTube. He is NOT sparing Romney at all!!

    President Ronald Ernest Paul

    Sure has a nice ring to it!!

  • It’s an interesting thought. However, I suspect Paul is attacking conservatives because he’s running against conservatives. All other candidates are running against Romney because they have a shot — or hope they have a shot. Paul knows he can’t win, doesn’t want to win. He’s running to advance his ideas and wants to show that he’s the true conservative in the race.