Mark Levin Apology to Troops: We Have a Loser for President – Damned Government is Disgusting

Mark Levin is expressing what I’ve been saying for weeks now. Had we hit the enemy hard, as he says “carpet bombed” wherever the Taliban is known to be, the war would have been over long ago. I suggest the same in Iraq. In my opinion, far fewer Americans and Muslims would have died.

Mark Levin

The following is a partial, loose transcript.

“Our damned Government is Disgusting.” I want to apologize to the U.S. Service personnel…for this jerk who is the Commander-in-Chief, for this jerk who is the Secretary of State, for this jerk who is the Secretary of Defense and the whole damn bunch of them. I apologize to you and your families…

Meanwhile, they want to cut their healthcare benefits [Hazard pay has already been cut or discontinued], they want to cut their pension benefits…Why? Because they despise the U.S. Military.

Meanwhile, they can’t give enough money to the thugs in this country, who have taken over our school systems, who have taken over our state and local government, and who seek to take over our federal bureaucracy. He can never give them enough money, enough benefits, enough health care…when it come to the Military – APOLOGIZE. They are killing our men and women…That is reason enough to throw these bastards out of office.

Separation of Church and State. Since when do we American believe in Separation of Church and State? This is a Liberal line, a Liberal argument. If faith has nothing to do with our Government, then we need to throw the Declaration of Independence away. The Declaration of Independence refers to God, The Divine Providence, The Creator, no less than four times…All these idiots running to the Supreme Court to take God off the money, God off the buildings. You can’t say God in the classroom…That means we have to sandblast the images of Jesus and Moses off the Supreme Court Building in Washington DC. Separation of Church and State is the stupidest phrase imaginable. It means a complete abdication of our substantive ties to our past, traditions, our institutions.

No one is talking about imposing a religious Government on this society. No one is talking about a Theocracy. If the Founding Fathers had wanted to do that, they would have done it. But they didn’t. Instead we have a First Amendment to the Constitution and that First Amendment talks about the free exercise of religion for the individual, so the Government cannot crush or smother the individual who seeks to practice his or her faith and it also prevents the establishment of a Government religion.

Most of the men at the Constitutional Convention were religious….Our Declaration of Independence makes it clear we have unalienable rights. Unalienable rights don’t come from men…come God, a Creator. If you are an atheist, then fine. You get the benefit of a society that was established by Christian believers….

We must stop shying away from these battles, whether it is National Security or social and moral values in our country, whether it is the Constitution, Free Markets, Property Rights, how the hell are we going to get this country back on track if we keep limiting ourselves about what we are going to talk about because we are afraid of [Liberal media]?…The Liberals want to bring it up and now we need to jam it down their throats.

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Mark Levin Apologizes to Military for Barack Obama (video)

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  • I don’t apologize to our troops.. I didn’t vote this Abomination in.. I do apologize to them the we don’t do enough for our service men and woman. I will make them a promise. I will do all I can to vote this crap out of our white house and those who lick his boots. I’m so sickened by the press who just keep ignoring facts to give strength to their own political agenda. Shame on the so called journalists in this country. Shame on all of us if we don’t make major changes in November of this year. If anyone stays home on election day, don’t you dare do that, but if you do… shame on you as well, and don’t cry when you see us become Greece… I’m disgusted by those who think we’re doing just fine. Shame on them as well.

  • We can’t fight the enemy properly because we can’t even declare war properly. If we stop short of declaring war, we announce to our enemies that we will not go after them wholeheartedly. We let them know from the start that we are not serious, because the President (and I’m speaking of every President who’s served since the Korean “police action”) doesn’t ask Congress to commit – to declare war. Instead, we get ensnared in half-assed kinetic military options or whatever you want to call them, and we have systematically for the last 60 years, allowed the purpose of the military, which was once clearly understood, to be walked back from what it should be – to prevent, fight, and win our nation’s wars – to a very vague and very unmilitary purpose of handing out humanitarian aid, peace enforcement, and winning hearts and minds.

    Follow the Constitution. If it’s war, call it war, and have Congress declare it. Then the nation will support it, the military will fight it, and when it’s over, we can have an unequivocal surrender, which is the only way to bring these things to a close.

    There is a reason that none of the conflicts in which we’ve fought since WWII have ended conclusively in our favor. Korea, Vietnam, the First Gulf War, the Second Gulf War, Afghanistan – even those in which we’ve prevailed on the battlefield have dragged on as insurgencies or have left in power those who pose problems further down the line. If you don’t declare war, you don’t fight war. You mess around with half-measures, get plenty of people killed, but ultimately fall short of the brutality that is required to bring about the surrender that is necessary to end the situation that caused the conflict in the first place.