Judge Napolitano Defending Freedom – Whatever Happened to Freedom? Judge Napolitano Silenced

Fox Business has cancelled Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show, Freedom Watch. The last show was February 15th. The Judge always signs off “Defending Freedom.” He did it a bit too well, apparently, although Fox has said he was not “fired,” and the relationship will go on with his position as an analyst/consultant. My opinion: had they put Freedom Watch on Fox News, rather than Fox Business, the show would still be available to us and enjoying tremendous success – even if Ailes or someone has their shorts in a wad. When Glenn Beck left Fox I was hoping Napolitano and Eric Bolling would fill that spot, but it wasn’t to be. I often ask, who are the Defending Fathers, defending our Freedom? If they are not in Congress, We the People have failed. In the video below, Napolitano gives us the cure for our current apocalyptic reality: Challenge Authority, Challenge the Majority. I’m reminded of Senator Jim DeMint saying “Don’t Compromise – Have Courage.”  I’ve also added a transcript, because as you and I know, videos often disappear.

The Judge is a Libertarian and from him I have learned a lot about Libertarianism. I believe the Libertarian philosophy is the correct understanding of the Constitution. Their ‘war’ policy, however, is a bridge too far today for me. My friend Grumpy Elder at Grumpy Opinions, who is a Veteran, said this to me in an email (read his full coverage of Napolitano here):

If we’d followed Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy idea’s right after WWII the world might be a better place..  It’s to late to go back, we’re stuck with what we have.  If it wasn’t for that I’d support him in a heartbeat…

I think Grumpy got it exactly right, it’s too late to go back, however, it is not too late to view conflict with a more Libertarian eye. Iraq would have never happened without September 11, 2001. Think how different things would be today if not for 9/11/01. The first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 – killing 6 and injuring thousands – should have sent the message, and had we handled that message then, perhaps September 11, 2001 would not be an absolute finality for so many families.

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Begin Napolitano transcript [all emphasis mine]:

Does the Government work for us or do we work for the Government? Is the best Government really the one that governs the least? Can we ever have a Government that stays within the confines of the Constitution? The Constitution was written to keep the Government off the people’s backs. Why is the Government all over us? Whatever happened to Freedom?

Understanding where we go from here should start with understanding how we got here. We are the Free and Independent people of the United States of America. We are free because those who preceded us fought a war against the person who was then the World’s grandest King and who presided over what was then the World’s grandest empire.

The Founding Fathers risked, as they like to tell us, their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors for the freedom and independence they won and we have inherited. But they were not saints and initially their cause was not popular. From the records available today, the people who measure historical trends have concluded that in 1776 only about one-third of Americans supported revolution; about one-third of Americans opposed it, and about one-third of them didn’t care.

When I first looked at these numbers I thought, in 1776 this was the grandest fight for the greatest amount of freedom for the most people at anytime in history, so who could possibly oppose it, and who in their right mind would not care?

Fast forward to today and ask who could possibly support a Government who regulates everything from the strength of the water pressure in your shower to size of the toilet bowl in your home to the thickness of the leather in your shoes? Who would want a Government who punishes people for speech, who lets their own agents write their own search warrants, that fights wars just to keep the military industrial complex busy, that debases all you own by printing worthless money and putting it in the stream of commerce, that gives away more than half the tax dollars it collects and that, despite express provisions in the Constitution to the contrary, permits the President, to the contrary, to lock up whomever he wants and to throw away the key.

Perhaps the Colonists who didn’t care if they freely chose their Government or were cared for by a benevolent tyrant, had an odd way of know what was coming.

Perhaps those that opposed The Revolution were afraid to take on the King, to challenge authority and to risk their comfortable lives for the unknown.

Well, we all know what happened: a relatively small part of the population pushed the culture and society toward freedom.

And the Freedoms that they chose were pure. After we won The Revolution and wrote the Constitution, the new Government and the political class assured all Americans that they could think as they wished, and say what they thought and publish what they said. They could associate or not associate with anyone. They could worship as they chose or choose not to worship. They could defend themselves with guns even against tyrants.

The troops would never enter their homes. Only neutral judges would issue search warrants and the Government could not take their lives, their freedom or their property without a trial, in which their fault would be proven in front of the neutral jury.

All this was guaranteed to the First Generation of Americans and to their posterity – that would be us – because much of it had been denied them by the King and the Parliament, and because Americans came to believe, even the one-third that were afraid, and the one-third that didn’t care, that these rights are ours by virtue of our humanity.

Whether you believe we are the highest order of natural selection, or whether you believe as I do that we were created by God in His image and likeness, you know in your heart that these natural yearnings, as Saint Thomas Aquinas and Thomas Jefferson called them, are our natural rights, are a part of our humanity and cannot long be denied us, and yet…they have been denied.

The same Founding Fathers who wrote that Congress shall make no law abridging Freedom of Speech, enacted The Alien Sedition Act, which punished speech that was critical of them, critical of the Government.

This happened because people were afraid to challenge the tyranny of the majority.

America, the greatest losses of our freedom has come not from someone attacking us, but from the Government ignoring the Constitution and the majority letting them get away with it.

The worst Amendments to the Constitution were not those ratified by the States but rather were Amendments by consensus, where all three branches of Government agreed to look the other way.

When good people do nothing, bad things happen.

So what shall we do? We should challenge authority, no matter who is in charge. We should challenge the majority whenever it curtails anybody’s freedom. We should side with Freedom no matter what the Government says. We should vote out of office those who push the Government outside the Constitution, no matter what earmarks they just brought home.

And we should make the Government afraid of us. AFRAID OF US. Because as Jefferson reminded us “when the people fear the Government there is tyranny, but when the Government fears the people, there is liberty.

From New York…defending liberty – everybody’s freedom whenever I can. So long America.

End transcript

God Bless Judge Napolitano. Can you think of another example of a high-profile, televised, daily espousal of the preciousness of freedom given by anyone other than The Judge? I cannot.. Visit the Judge here. SENTRY JOURNAL is also discussing Napolitano. Read it here.

Thanks to GM Roper for the brilliant graphic of Free Speech behind bars (btw, he has decided to President – check out his also brilliant platform here. You’ll like it)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

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  • Julie

    I’m sorry to hear about that, this show was one of my favorites. I will really miss it.

    • Stu

      Fox is practicing exactly what they accuse the “Left Wing Media” of doing. They steer viewers by using the propaganda kings like O’rielly and Hannity who have the same guests on over and over and over and repeat themselves over and over and over. They are true communists in every sense of the word. They DO NOT care about this country as much as they want to constantly remind you that they do. They got rid of the wrong guy and a very good man. For that reason I’m done with fox.

      • Stu, I disagree. Hannity isn’t a communist and the reason for repeating is because many people don’t watch every night. He makes a point and is one of very few doing so, and he deeply cares about our country, in my opinion. However, there was plenty of room for both the Judge and Sean. They should have put Napolitano on Fox News, not Fox Business.

    • Julie, my sentiments exactly.

  • Does anyone remember that some Arab Muslims bought into Fox Network? Nothing been the same since. If they shut up Judge Napolitano, well … we’re all in trouble.

  • The Judge may find himself gainfully employed again soon. If Paul gets the GOP Nomination it looks like he’ll tap the Judge to be his running mate, assuming Napolitano is crazy enough to take the offer that should keep him busy for a while..

    I appreciate the mention Maggie, thank you

    • If we had Ron Paul as President, I’d be happy to see the Judge there because it is no problem for him to make many points. Paul has a few and does well with them, but I don’t think he thinks beyond them. My pleasure:-)

  • Ran

    Many thanks Maggie!

    I say it’s time for a new news network… an actual conservative/libertarian one.

    • Ran, first we have to find someone with the very big bucks to do this. Maybe Ron Paul’s backers would back him in such a venture.

  • Thanks for the mention Maggie. It’s sad the Judge’s show is off the air.

    • John, certainly my pleasure. I love your site.

  • Geo

    Just another one of Roger Ailes and Fox’s lurch left. Really disappointing!

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  • I will sorely miss the Judge.
    As far as the libertarian foreign policy goes, I can’t highly recommend enough the Richard Maybury series of books WW1 and WW2 and the rest of the story. The facts are not as presented in the media or in school.

    Check out the memoirs of Herbert Hoover on WW2 that have recently been published- it will really challenge what you think you know about World War 2. This is from a man who knew the players. Just think of the 100 million that Stalin killed and we were allied with him. David Rockefeller publicly said that Mao did an awesome job with the Cultural Revolution. Brzezenski said that the USG supported Pol Pot. Good grief, what is wrong with this picture.

    All Ron Paul supporters say is that when you go to war, you do it lawfully, using the Christian Just War Theory as a guide. When you commit soldiers, you do it TO WIN!!! Not piddle around while defense contractors and the interlocked banksters rack up the profits, because that’s EXACTLY what is going on. The soldiers know it and are really getting pissed about it, which is why Ron Paul garners so much of their support.

  • I tried to comment on the post above, but it ate it….Sooooooo! i’ll try again. outstanding post. I followed you over from roberts blog….Now I have somewhere else to gain info…..stay well….

    • tapline, sorry about that. I checked the spam folder and it wasn’t there. Don’t know what happened. Thanks so much for coming by. I really appreciate it.

  • SNouque

    I am sorry to say that, since the expulsion of Glen Beck from Fox News, they have fallen from the trust I had in them regarding “Truth in Broadcasting” Now, the firing of Judge Napalitano has toppled and trod that trust into the dirt. I’m done with them. Sounds like there’s a gaping hole in the news media just waiting to be filled….

  • irving

    democratic have silence freedom!!!!

  • eleanor

    the judge was the best and the brightest what person made that mistake.

  • karl

    he forgotten more then some others think they know, by far my favorite