John Boehner Halting Darrell Issa Fast and Furious Investigation? Grassley Not Amused

John Boehner (R-OH) likely would not support Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) if DeMint was running for the presidency (which he isn’t) because DeMint’s new advice to the GOP is: Don’t Compromise. Have Courage. Neither of those compute with House Speaker John Boehner, who has demanded that the House compromise countless times, allowing the 2010 Republican gains in the House to wither and die on the floor. Rumors are out there that Boehner is halting Congressman Darrell Issa’s investigation into Fast and Furious. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is Issa’s counterpart in the Senate. I’ll start with a snippet of the latest statement on his website:

Eric Holder - John Boehner

[January 31, 2012] Senator Chuck Grassley issued the following statement after the minority staff of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released a report excusing senior level Justice Department officials from responsibility for Operation Fast and Furious…

Despite the constitutional responsibility of Congress to conduct oversight of the executive branch, the Justice Department has stonewalled every step of Grassley’s investigation.  In fact, the Justice Department has provided 80,000 pages of documents to the Inspector General, but has provided only 6,000 pages of documents to Congress.  Yet, the department has provided no explanation for withholding each of those 74,000 pages….

It will take a lot more than a knee-jerk defense from their political allies in Congress to restore public trust in the leadership of the Justice Department.  The American people want to see those who failed to act be held accountable.”

A caution: as I look at the news surrounding the Issa story the timeline seems awry.

At the end of January, Holder’s office asked for an extension to…do something having to do with compliance. Remember that the Inspector General has access to all documents but has failed to provide them. Perhaps only the DOJ can instruct him to do so.

Darrell Issa

On February 14th Issa replied that the request was “ironic,” “on its face…demonstrates a lack of good faith,” “we cannot wait any longer for the Department’s cooperation,” – and then Issa asked for a date by which the documents will submitted. I don’t know if a date has been offered. The question is, do those words suggest an indefinite extension of the subpoenas, and further, if so, did Boehner step in?

The Speaker has a hunting buddy saying he has asked Boehner about these claims. Odd thing is, he doesn’t give a response from Boehner, but he is confident that due to Boehner’s respect for the Second Amendment, the claim cannot be true.

Sipsey Street Regulars, via The Radio Patriot have closely followed Fast and Furious and Issa’s probe:

[Feb. 3, 2012] Yesterday was the devil’s own day in the Gunwalker scandal investigation and the search for the truth suffered as a result. Several sources tell Sipsey Street that the committee’s work has been slowed by the intervention of Speaker of the House John Boehner, with some saying plainly that “the fix is in.”

Several sources close to the investigation, have “gone dark,” no longer speaking on conditions of anonymity because they have been warned that to do so will be at the risk of their jobs, Prior to the hearing, this silence was represented to some that the committee was ready to exercise a “nuclear option,” in the phrase of one, so Holder would have no warning of any evidence said to have been gathered by the investigation…

Asked by this reporter what Boehner would get from such a deal, called “logrolling” by the source, he said, “Whatever he wants most or fears most. Politicians do these deals all the time, but this one is unusual in its size and scope. . . and the fact that a whole lot of people are watching.” …

As press inquiries begin to grow about what influence Boehner has had on the Issa investigation, reports out of the hard-core gun rights groups that I spoke with today say that, in the words of one, “if this is the game that Boehner is going to play, we can play, too,” pointing out that Boehner is facing a primary challenge in his home district in the spring. “I can see a lot of people suddenly invested in the idea that Boehner has to be dumped,” said one.

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo:

Why would Republicans want the investigation halted? What possible “deal” could the White House offer to Boehner to persuade him to end the investigation? The only compromise Republicans in Congress should accept in the case of Attorney General Holder is his early resignation instead of impeachment and removal.

Over 100 members of Congress – I think it is 112 at the latest count – have called for Holder’s resignation. That’s more than a quarter of all congressmen. And while it’s not just his role in the Fast and Furious scandal that has led them to that conclusion, it’s hard to imagine any of them calling for an end to the investigation.

It is important to say that there are no tale-telling emails, faxes, memos or voice recordings confirming that Boehner is stifling Fast and Furious investigations. But it is odd that Issa hasn’t stopped the stalling and charged Contempt of Congress as he promised he would do. This administration has contempt for Congress and has demonstrated it over and over – Fast and Furious being one blood-curdling murderous example.

If something is changing the investigation, Issa has likely been threatened himself – maybe the loss of committee chairmanship or GOP financial backing at election time? Or worse, been offered something desirable for his silence. Again, we don’t know that any of this is true, but if not, what is the explanation for the subpoena extension offered by bulldog Issa?

Find more on the Boehner-Issa story here and here and full and continually updated round up of everything pertinent to Fast and Furious sitting at the top of Si Vis Pacem’s homepage every day. 

Within Fast and Furious, there is an update of another gun involved in the death of ICE Agent Jaime Zapata, although authorities say it is not technically apart of this Fast and Furious. Perhaps another Fast and Furious? A man was arrested, convicted and sentenced without the Zapata family knowing about. Read it here.

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