Jim DeMint: No Compromise – We Need Courage

There was a time in our history when Republicans and Democrats had to compromise to do the right thing. That was before a large majority of the Democrat House and Senate became Socialists. There was a time when both sides had the best interests of the country at the heart of the compromise. Today, the lines are drawn in the concrete of Capitol Hill. Senator Jim DeMint says say “no” to compromise with liberals. Just as simply saying ‘no’ to drugs would have saved the lives and fortunes of those who said ‘yes,’ saying ‘no’ to today’s Liberal policies, will save our Nation. We need courage, says the Senator, and says I. Everything is at stake today and ‘compromise’ is a four-letter word.

“I can guarantee you the [Super Bowl] coaches are not telling their players to go out on the field and cooperate and compromise with the other team,” DeMint said at The Heritage Foundation’s Blogger’s Briefing Tuesday, during a discussion about his new book “Now or Never.”

“There is a reason for that, the other team has an opposite goal, they are there to beat you,” he said.

“One team believes in centralized economic and political power, collective planning, concentration here in Washington,” DeMint explained. “The other team — while it has been maybe erratic in supporting those principles we believe in — believes in the decentralized individualistic approach to America. It is very difficult to compromise with another team that does not have the same goal of limited government, individual liberty.” Source: Daily Caller

From Senator DeMint’s blog (January 26, 2012):

Americans are looking for courageous leadership to save our nation from fiscal collapse. Americans understand that we must pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to force Congress from spending more than we’re bringing in. I challenge members of Congress in both parties to open their eyes to what is happening in Europe, to stop with the meaningless show votes, and get serious about our debt crisis before it is too late.

Our GOP candidates (and the GOP) have taken the low road. The establishment is having no part of conservatism, and this election year, we will not change that. We must have the courage to send a good majority of Conservatives to the Senate. Everything will turn on the Senate, no matter who sits in the Oval Office. Courage!

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