JFK Mimi Beardsley Alford: John F Kennedy Takes WH Intern Alford to Jackie’s Room: Has Sex Watches Her Service His Friend

Now that Mimi Alford, then Mimi Beardsley, has retired from her “church” administrating she has written a memoir to further delight us with the foibles of President John F. Kennedy, back in the good old days when the press decided it cool for the President of the United States to be a very naughty boy. National Security be damned. Particularly repugnant is Mimi’s recollection of JFK taking her to “Jackie’s Room” to have fun. At some point in the White House swimming pool, he told her to “take care” of his friend, who she says is Dave Powers. She did and JFK watched. Powers served as Special Assistant to John Kennedy, authored a book about him, curated the JFK Library and Museum and died in 1998.

Mimi Beardsley Alford

According to Alford, having sex with JFK took her “virginity.” It went on for 18-months. She was powerless and was forced to “inhale a sex drug,” identified as “amyl nitrate,” or “poppers.” At one time she thought she was pregnant with his child.

Worse yet, the affair allegedly began in 1962 and lasted until his assassination. He went to her after he and Mrs. Kennedy lost their infant baby boy, Patrick.

Alford said she saw President Kennedy for the final time at The Carlyle hotel in Manhattan on November 15, 1963, just a week before his assassination in Dallas.

At this point she was due to be married to her college sweetheart, Tony Fahnestock.

‘He took me in his arms for a long embrace and said, “I wish you were coming with me to Texas.” And then he added, “I’ll call you when I get back.” I was overcome with sudden sadness.

“Remember, Mr President, I’m getting married.”

‘”I know that,” he said, and shrugged. ‘But I’ll call you anyway.'”

Engaged and still meeting the POTUS in a hotel. Sweet. Sweeter, maybe, to write a lurid tale about a president, with a daughter and grandchildren still around, and make a pile of money to supplement the “church” retirement.

He [JFK] was always more comfortable in the company of journalists. As a candidate, he would drink late into the night with reporters; as president, he dined with Washington’s journalistic elite – the Alsops, the Grahams and the Bradlees. He rarely turned down requests for interviews. While it is almost inconceivable that journalists were unaware of his womanising, Kennedy had built up enough goodwill among editors to ensure it was discreetly overlooked. When national newspapers were sent photographs allegedly showing Kennedy leaving the apartment building of one of his mistresses, for instance, the story was buried. Source: Guardian

I am not a fan of Jackie Kennedy but I admired her personal strength, her love for and devotion to her family. She chose the Kennedy family to marry into, so what can you say. I am not a fan of JFK – a spoiled trust-fund kid/man/president who served most honorably in the U.S. Navy, and after never held a job other than public “service,” but these dilatory tell-alls just seem inappropriate. Read the entire story at The Daily Mail, and thanks to Fox Nation.

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  • On one hand, we should expect history to emerge to provide a more complete picture of past. On the other hand, it can become a distraction to the challenges of today.

    In an era where our nation suffers a crisis in leadership, these sordid tales regarding a long dead president do nothing to move us forward.

    • Doug, had the press done their job, Mimi wouldn’t be cashing in, and JFK might have been more presidential, respecting the Oval Office, at least until he got off the public dole.

      • roger reynolds

        J.F.K. wasn’t on the public dole…..he donated his entire salarly to charity.
        He was a millionaire at the age of 8 thanks to his Father.

    • roger reynolds

      So what…Mimi has written a book about what we all know anyway.
      If Dave Powers were alive….he would just denie it as he did until his death about ANY J.F.K. affair.
      I think of the 50,000 lives that would have been saved had J.F.K. lived to end that war in Vietman is a point that seems to have been forgotten!
      I just love the fact that SOMEONE is alive that can’t be silenced by old-man-Joe’s money.
      Caroline knows what her father did and stated in the release of the recordings that she would not be her mother’s daughter if she spoke of the other women.
      Had john Jr.lived I feel a very different view of this would be spoke of to the public…he had the magic way with words..and would have made the issue platable….

  • So, Bill Clinton wasn’t the first in the WH…JFK probably wasn’t the first either.

    • Fran, FDR as well, and one of the links in the article, the one telling of how he hung-out with the press, details his “women.” I don’t get that no one sees this as a national security situation. Monica wasn’t a spy or a subversive, but she could have been. She could have been a Yasser Arafat plant (a million other thoughts on this). I believe it should be impeachable, and when found guilty the charge should be automatic conviction. If a man or woman, serving the American people at the highest level, can’t stay away from this sordid behavior making them so entirely vulnerable, for the term of the office, he/she doesn’t deserve to be there.

    • Eisenhower had a long lasting affair with his secretary I believe..

  • Rex25

    I think these blog trying to evoke about the history of our leaders which leads to them through great decision.

  • I was never a fan of Kennedy. Bobby was the one who impressed me, till he was killed. I’ve never understood JFK’s mystic. He really didn’t do anything. I was saddened at his death as anyone is. But after… his idolisation by the press, and comparing his administration to Camelot, well I just never saw it that way, the real history that way. I was in High School when he was killed and was working at Smith’s Food King near Olympus Cove in the Salt Lake Valley, the day someone came running into the store, to tell us that Oswald had just been shot. That time was traumatic. But still saw nothing he ever did that would impress, other than his ability to swoon people.. kinda like the President we currently have. We know as much about O, as we did at the time, about K… kinda says it all, don’t it?

  • JFK was probably one of the biggest whoremongers to inhabit the White House. Jackie was the typical wife of a wealthy powerful man of that era. She smiled, looked good, and looked the other way.

  • Interesting but no surprise nor will it be a surprise when Obama’s “boyette” boy friends write their memoirs. However, at least JFK didn’t have Mimi drowned in the back seat of his car like his brother Ted.
    “Aug 27, 2009 – Drowned: Mary Jo Kopechne was killed after Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge with her inside.” What a nasty drunken senator of sleaze and big pal of guess who? Obama of course.
    Wonder what secrets they shared at their beer drinking fests. Maybe they laughed as they talked of getting away with murder?
    “The biggest untold story of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election… Finally, the no-holds-barred, 100% true story of Barack Obama’s use and sale of cocaine; his homosexual affairs and the December 23, 2007 murder of Barack Obama’s former lover and choir director of Obama’s Chicago church of 20 years, Donald Young just days before the rigged 2008 Iowa caucus.”
    Hummm very strange bed fellows those two Ted Kennedy & BHO. Guess white & black birds of a feather do fly together. huh!

  • Yeah, I know I’ll be called a racist. Just keep in mind I talked about two white men ? and only one black man ? well should I say half black man??
    So add it all up. You could say I talked about “Two and A Half Men” LOL

    • Carolyne.. unfortunatly, “Two and a Half Men” is funny.. this current Pres ain’t.. Just think of the Supreme Court Appointments he’ll be submitting if he’s re-elected.. Could be three more on top of the 2 already in. Nothing to smile about there. That would be the end.