GM Owes Taxpayers $25B: Super Bowl Chevy Volt Ad – Who Paid? Video

In Obama’s State of the Union address we were told General Motors is the world’s No. 1 automaker, and that is true only if you count the GM vehicles purchased by China. Obama didn’t mention China. Nor did he mention that General Motors still owes taxpayers at least $25 BILLION, or that Government Motors has resumed charitable (?) donations, not to the stock holders who lost everything, but to an opera house and an “African American Museum.” An example of the good management at GM, seeking to boost embarrassing sales of only 603 Chevy Volts in January 2012, is the Super Bowl ad you’ll see today (and below). The Atlantic reports the going price for this year’s commercial is $3.5 MILLION for each 30-second spot. Then there’s the cost of making the ad. The taxpayers and stock holders are still screwed.

…the Treasury would have to sell its stock for GM at  $53.98 to break even. As of Wednesday, GM’s stock was at $24.92. Source 

Chevy Volt Super Bowl Ad 2012 (video)

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