Gingrich: Second Best Line of Debate: Stupid We Can’t Protect Border: Failure of Will Failure of Enforcement

I thought the best line of the CNN Debate tonight was Gingrich pointing out to moderator John King, that the media never did ask Obama about why he voted for infanticide. UPDATE: Nice Deb has the history of the infanticide story in detail. We won’t see that clip on television, unless Fox does it. They have up numerous clips, but I don’t see that one. The second best line of the night was several line discussing protecting the border. I live-blogged it – read it here. Here is the video and a few snippets:

Newt Gingrich

There was another exchange about the border. John King quoted a government study saying it will cost $3M per mile of fencing (can you believe that?). John King quoted Rick Perry, who was in the audience, saying something like building the fence requires 35′  ladders  (Perry wasn’t always for building the fence). Gingrich was asked what he had to say about it. Gingrich said (paraphrasing) Yes. And we need two ladders because there will be two fences. He also said with government reform that he has been talking about, the fence could probably be build for 1/10th of the $3M. (That’s the free market for you, lots of ladders produced, and anyone approving $3M for one mile of fence should be forced out of government).

[Newt] But I think there’s a different question. Everybody talks about managing the current government. The current government is a disaster. I mean, we don’t — you know –…

I think you’ve got to start and say what would a modern system be like?

And a modern system would be — just take control of the border. It is utterly stupid to say that the United States government can’t control the border. It’s a failure of will, it’s a failure of enforcement.


GINGRICH: So let me just take that one example. Let’s assume you could, tomorrow morning, have a president who wanted to work with your governor, that instead of suing Arizona, helped Arizona, who actually worked with Arizona. Now —


GINGRICH: — what’s the fiscal reality three years from now in your emergency rooms, in your schools, in your prisons, of controlling the border? It’s a lot less expensive. You just took a major step towards a less expensive future. So I think it is possible to modernize the federal government and cut taxes and develop energy simultaneously. And the three lead you to Gilbert’s concern. Let’s get back to a balanced budget.

Friends, that’s great stuff. Thanks to Fox Nation.

Newt Gingrich on Building the Border Fence – Stupid We Can’t Protect the Border (video)

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