Fork in the Road: Better Turn Right Video

Political Clown Parade has a new video out, America at a Crossroads, and what a crossroads it is. As November presses upon us we need to see these numbers, hear these details – tell others, do everything we can to make THE difference in the 2012 elections. While it matters who we choose, it doesn’t matter who we choose when it is clear our choice is no longer a choice. We must move Obama out of the White House and send his bag boys with him. Someone on the GOP ticket must move into the Oval Office.

While we have a contentious race underway, our unwavering support for one of the Republicans is the only way to turn the tide. It’s the only way. Watch the video for the chilling reasons why Santorum, Gingrich, Romney or Paul must take that right turn at America’s crossroad. Yes I have favorite and my least favorite, but whomever is the nominee..that candidate will become my choice. In the video, take note of the information on Obama’s judges. Thanks to Curmudgeon at Political Clown Parade for sharing this fine work.

America at a Crossroads (video)

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  • Maggie,

    Thanks for posting my video at Maggie’s Notebook and for writing such a succinct descriptive of it’s content. I hope all your readers take your cogent advice.

  • The part I forgot about was the Supreme Court appointments.. wow that’s scary. Also, did you get the image of the Trojan Horse? Very well done video.

  • Outstanding Video! The Obama regime has been a train wreck for America. We need to derail the train, real soon.

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